Last warm night for a while.

South America
August 24th 2012
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I start my arduous trek tomorrow and Emma starts her 5star luxury treatments...grrrrr.... Do I sound bitter?....actually secretly I think Emma wants to come too but keeps convincing herself she can't ...personally I think she has as good a chance as me. But of course I'll miss my travelling companion. Who will wake me up in the morning?

Can't believe my day bag with water and water proofs is heavier then my trek bag. I might swap with my porter. I'll have to drink all my water by mid morning just to ease the load!

I won't have Internet access when I'm up with the gods in the clouds.... SeemingLy they cant get the bandwidth there.....but will be texting Emma once a day to check she hasn't fallen in her jacuzzi and broken any nails! I'll give her the headlines of my day and ask her to update the blog on my behalf.

I have cut all my finger and toe nails and taken my nail varnish off, so I promise not to update with any messages of chipped nail varnish!

Bit nervous as I haven't walked for 4 weeks after suspected broken toe and my dad getting unwell and subsequently passing away. But the will to get up the mountain and on that very special train is there. Only a close to death experience will stop me. I'll be back with the essentials of life on Wednesday ( hot running water, warm bed, soft towels, clean underwear and of course wi fi).

George and Thomas ... I love you both. .... Look up in the sky and send me a kiss good night each night. Ill be sending you both one.....To everyone else... Thanks for your interest so far.... It's really warming to see your views and receive your comments.

So for now...Buanos nochas



25th August 2012

Good Luck
Have a fantastic treck..despite any forseen hardship it will definately be worth it in the end!!
25th August 2012

go for it!
good luck Laki! You'll be fine!! XXX
25th August 2012

Hello from the UK
Hi Laki (and Emma), First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your father Laki. However it is good that you could be there for him and make your peace. Well done also on managing to catch the plane - sounds like quite a mission. Next thing to say - I think you should stop calling this a BLOG and in fact drop the letter L which would make it a BOG update as many of your posts seem to be about weeing, shitting and clipping your toe nails!! Then again this is in keeping with your finest D of E text message communications. And on this topic, it is hilarious to see the shoe is on the other foot. How often have you told the D of E kids about buying SMALL BOTTLES of shampoo and such, and here you are now having to decant your stuff into small bottles. And also - was your bag a bit like Clark's bag - 53.2 tonnes? I remember you giving him what for about that. YET DESPITE all that weight, you don't have the right clothing? What the heck have you got in there? Did you bring your hairdryer? 7kg though? Crikey. My bag for a week in Las Vegas was 23kg. Anyway despite these minor mishaps it does look like you are having an amazing experience so keep it up and I do hope you make it to the top. I don't know what the alternative is - do you just die on the mountain if you don't make it to the top? If so I hope you conk out in blissful happiness with a great view. If not then I hope you enjoy the train ride. See you when you are back. Nick P.S. If you tell the kids you ate Guinea Pig then they will cry and never look at you the same again. Best keep that one to yourself.

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