Sleepless in Cusco

South America
August 21st 2012
Published: August 22nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Aha my first blog entry! I thought I should try to keep up with Laki's creative, if not sometimes slightly exaggerated literary offerings..... the slight swelling of the left leg has already responded well to Doctor Laki's medical instruction of being raised at all times, and I think I will be back on my feet, quite literally, tomorrow.

Today has been spent mainly resting and recovering from the long trip to get here. First impressions are one of a place where time has stood still, both the buildings and people are truly charming and we can't wait to explore tomorrow!

We haven't ventured much beyond 100 metres of our lovely peaceful Hostal, Taki Wasi. We are trying to keep food very light to help with the acclimatisation. Had a very fine soup at a little back street vegetarian restaurant round the corner, washed down with an amazing warm cordial made from lemon grass. The owner was delightful and between her spatterings of English and my spatterings of Spanish, she passed on recipes whilst demonstrating her prowess and love of rhythmic gymnastics...truly bonkers!

We can almost touch the South American Explorers club from our window and having joined before we came out, we can keep you updated with our news via their super fast broadband from our room. (wifi is available at Taki Wasi however only in public areas)

Waffling on now, so will keep all future entries short or better still leave it to L!

E x


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