Santiago, empanadas and 7 hour bus journey

South America
July 11th 2012
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H. Guys!

Hope the weather is getting better back at home in the UK!? It's really sunny here so I go outside expecting it to be really hot and it's really not CHILLIE IS CHILLY!! Me being me packed 3 pairs of shorts, maxi dress, play suit, 3bikinis and 3 pairs of shoes. So the leggins and hoodie are out and sadly all my lovely summery clothes are in the backpack untouched! planning on going to the beach at some point and scaring the locals with my pasty body and being typically British and ignoring the cold!

So anyway sorry for not blogging yesterday not too much to report. We had a freeday to explore more of santiago, we went to a couple of meseaums the first was about the chillien civil war which happened in the 70s I didn't even know it had happened! Very sad sowee headed to the natural history museum which was really good it told us which animals we would find in each area of chillie. I tried an empanadas which basically looks like a Cornishpastry - its filled with a stuffing I had cheese and it's wrapped in pastry then eaither baked or fried, it was so good but as I had a fried one I felt like I gained about 2 stone after! Last night we wet to the cinema to see spider man - one of the guys in our group did the graphics for it - how cool is that maybe stardom is closer than I think!

Today we were up early for a 7 hour bus journey to la serena which is traditraditionally a beach seaside area. Its not as urbanised as Santiago but I can see the sea!!!!! Just booked our tours for tomorrow I'm going to a couple of islands off the coast to see some penguins and sea lions in action! Was also told that it will be warm and we can swim in the sea sooooooo shorts check, bikini check and sun tan oil check! Woop! And of course there will be loads of pictures to take.

I'm trying to upload pictures to here but its yet to work hopefully I can get some on tonight. Off to have stand and chips now yummmmm so over and out!

Missing you all loads and wishing you all could be here experiencing this with me. All my love em xxxxxxx


13th July 2012

Who ate all the pies?!
By the sounds of it we're gonna be looking for a blob arriving through customs at Heathrow airport in September? Glad you're enjoying the local nosh!! C xxx
23rd July 2012

I ate all the pies!
Hrmmmmm yes I think you will be looking out for a blob however today is the first day I have eatten all my food finally got my appetite back yay , nanny will be proud ! Xxx

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