South America
November 30th 2010
Published: November 30th 2010
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Well, after reflecting, it is just plain obnoxious to upload my pictures to more than one place in the internet. No offense, TravelBlog, but you are way slower than Facebook. If y´all were in internet cafes here and getting rolling on your project, you too would understand.
Here are links to my albums, in chronological order:

First Days
Stained Glass Glory
Old-Town Quito

Vippasana in Ecuador:
Cloud Forest, Ecuador

The Peruvian coast, as experienced by bus


Huancayo and El Tambo:
Torre Torre
Little festival in Cocharcas
El Tambo, Huancayo

Pucallpa and Yarinacocha

¨El Monte¨, or the-middle-of-the-woods-logging-camp:
Magical Forest
River Travel
Natural Building
Amazonian Cuisine
The crew and camp

Wow, look! So many photos!
Well, now everyone, not just my facebook friends, may witness the splendor that is my life, or at least the photogenic parts!
Cheers, and I think for the future I will just post links to blog entries.


6th December 2010

Sus you are "baddass"
Thanks for telling your story. I really enjoyed how you related to your companions. It seems that you fell in with a bunch of fine folk, and had a wonderful experience. The pictures you posted really add to our understanding. Hope that all continues to be as satisfying for you, love from home!

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