The Beginning of South America Trip

South America
October 16th 2009
Published: January 20th 2010
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New Year's CelebrationNew Year's CelebrationNew Year's Celebration

New Year 2010 Celebration, Hacienda La Florida, Tarma, Peru.
Like many other youngsters I wanted to go on a big trip after serving in the IDF for three years, but for some reason at the point of decision I changed my mind and instead commenced a five-year architecture course. It was followed by another eight years of studying and working in the UK until the recent recession opened a window that brought a new travel spirit to my comfortable life I had in the beautiful city of Bath. Thus, I decided it would be the right time for me to pursue the 'Grand Trip' now, when I am a bit more mature, with a little bit more money, and without limit of time as I have finished my 'duties' and now the time is for me. Together with my lovely Liz, we chose South America to be our first destination because we are both fascinated by the cultures, the arts and wish to meet the people and see the sites.

We plan to dot the trip with numerous points of volunteering. We are open to any kind of volunteering / job on offer. We hope to meet new people and to be exposed to the local life as much
New YearNew YearNew Year

Hacienda La Florida, Tarma, Peru
and as deeply as we can.
We don´t know if we can do it, if we are built for this kind of adventure. But the benefit of no time limit is that we can return earlier then expected, we do wish, however, to complete a round trip overland and be back in Europe in... let's say... two years (?).

Ram (Israel) and Liz (UK)


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