31 hours to Salvador!!

South America
September 19th 2009
Published: September 19th 2009
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Anne on CopacobanaAnne on CopacobanaAnne on Copacobana

Anne on Copacobana
We arrived finally in Salvador. Apararently are bus was supposed to take 27 hours but ended up taking 31. Was a very long bus journey but for some reason seemed to go very quick for me. THink I read nearly a full book and listened to abouyt 20 music albums and watched a movie called Stealth in Portuguese which made absolutely no sense. My vocab of Portugese is still not strong and consists of hello, thank you and how are you. Not great when no one in the coutry speaks English!!!
Well our last night in Rio was was very good, I think I was half asleep writing my last blog. Our friend who we staye with (Junior and his wife Danielle) seemed quite upset when we left which was nice. They are moving to Ilha Grande (the island we went to) and want us to move there to live with them. They were so nice and kept giving us presents, I know have an under water camera, another memory card for my camera and numerous other things. And now we never have to pay for accomodation in Rio again with all the new friends we made there!!
We only arrived
Dave on CopacobanaDave on CopacobanaDave on Copacobana

Dave on Copacobana
in Salvador around 4hours ago but already we can see the difference between Rio and here. Salvador apparently was once upon a time the capital of Brazil. It has the largest population of African brazilians!! We just had dinner in a nearby street restaurant for half the price of Rio which is a nice change. Our hostel seems very nice. We are staying in a dorm but so far no one else is in our room, hopefully will stay that way! Its the first place that we have free internet, hence I am able to finally write a detailed blog! We don't know what we are doing tomorrow, probably just wander and see the sights of salvador, I have noticed already that the city is very in art and has galeries all over the place. We have been warned which streets to avoid and where is best so tomorrow should be nice. I think tonight we will have a few drinks in the hostel and then go watch some Capoeira in the streets, this is a martial art that has evolved in a dance off of sorts. Very brazlian!!
I kno have some photos for you to view of the triup so for. WIll try and loads as many as a I have time for. They are not all relevant to Salvador as I have taken none here so far so you can see photos of the trip from day one.
I apologise for any spelling mistakes, I am not look at what I am typing as the keyboards are different and am trying to writye quickly 😉

Additional photos below
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Sugar LoafSugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf

The view of the Sugar Loaf from Jesus
On the way to Ilha GrandeOn the way to Ilha Grande
On the way to Ilha Grande

On the bus journey to Ilha Grande
The beginning of the TrekThe beginning of the Trek
The beginning of the Trek

The start of one of the many treks in Ilha Grande
Start of the trekStart of the trek
Start of the trek

Anne at the start of our first trek
Break on the trekBreak on the trek
Break on the trek

A well deserved break at a water pool
Well deserved restWell deserved rest
Well deserved rest

A well deserved rest on the trek
Rubem an ChrisRubem an Chris
Rubem an Chris

These are Corioca friends we made in Ilha Grande, Rubem and Chris

Woodpecker beside our tent!!
Day triup to 4 beachesDay triup to 4 beaches
Day triup to 4 beaches

Anne posing for the photo

My very first Cocnut, and how good it tasted
ANother trekANother trek
ANother trek

On the way to Lopes Mendes, The best beach in Brasil
Rafael and familyRafael and family
Rafael and family

This is rafael who was camping with his girlfriend and grandmother!!!
Our beautiful tentOur beautiful tent
Our beautiful tent

Our beautiful tent

The friendly Capybara which seemed to make residence beside our tent. The biggest rodent in the world!!!
Friendly MonkeyFriendly Monkey
Friendly Monkey

One of the little Monkeys that are all over Brazil!!
The full groupThe full group
The full group

This is Loernardo, Danielle and Junior who we spent with in Rio
In the bar in RioIn the bar in Rio
In the bar in Rio

This is in the bar within Junior and Danielle apartment complex

Me in the biggest football stadium in the world, The Maracana

Again one of the little guys looking for food!

23rd September 2009

Miss you!
I have followed the path all of you here. It was an enormous pleasure to meet you. I hope to again revealed. I wish all the best for you. Thank you for the company! Miss you! Kisses

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