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South America
October 22nd 2008
Published: October 22nd 2008
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hi folks ,well new event today,Clare and I had our first ride in a police car! Some f!?,.-/:; prick took my gps! I stopped in the street to take a photo and put my gps in the pocket, took the camera out, took the photo and put the camera back, put my hand in my pocket to get my gps and f-:😞)(!!!!!! It was gone! Two hours later we finally had reported it, really irritating as I had tracked the entire trip, third attempt worked. I foiled terry's one, then terry got fingered I'm the tube but caught the women and then there was me- I did not feel a thing , but the police were good. The women (pc taking statement) in the station got handed the hospital pass-the gringos who could not speak Spanish and she could not speak English. Ruth has the photo (clare and ian in thecwagon) so I will add it later , this is being written on the iPod which is not made for big fat fingers like mine!
Anyway we had an interesting day in valpraiso, i looked for the t-shirt that said "I was robbed in valpraiso" - funny enough it was not available.

We have just returned from dinner, the sympathy from the group is waning, too much discussion about dead people- or people doing good impressions of it, three people collapsed in different places- I am picking the women who collapsed at the statue of the virgin Mary has the best chance of survival!

Well wine calls so that is all for now. I will return to the wine while thinking of my gps and the French women who had the necklace ripped from her neck and the future purchase of a new toy!

Ian(minus his gps)


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