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South America
March 14th 2007
Published: March 14th 2007
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Hey hey everyone! Greetings from way way up in Ecuador. The last couple weeks have been spent taking in all we can in the highlands of North and Central Ecuador. Our first stop was Otavalo, famous for its indigenous crafts and the resulting markets. We spent a day exploring the surrounding countryside watching how the indigenous people made reed mats, spun wool and weaved all sorts of clothin... Read Full Entry

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Typical NewspaperTypical Newspaper
Typical Newspaper

Some dead guy and porn. Quite the marketing ploy...This has been consistant from the start of our trip from Nicargua south.
Central Park in QuitoCentral Park in Quito
Central Park in Quito

There is just nothing like a good garabage burn in the center of central park...

These guys are soo small and they have the net really high, the meanest attack is a deep set! haha (Andrew, Jordan and Corey its a player´s dream over here ie. instant GOD status) and they play it more religously than soccer!
Quilota LoopQuilota Loop
Quilota Loop

Rural Ecuador
Road Construction - Ecuadorian StyleRoad Construction - Ecuadorian Style
Road Construction - Ecuadorian Style

Photo taken from the window of our bus. Somr guy at the top of the bank actaully yelled ¨One dollar¨ when we took this shot... hahah!!
Best seat in the house.Best seat in the house.
Best seat in the house.

There is no better way to take in the scenery up here...
Detailed Valley, Quilatoa LoopDetailed Valley, Quilatoa Loop
Detailed Valley, Quilatoa Loop

Our view from the back of the truck.
View from the THRONEView from the THRONE
View from the THRONE

World class views every morning while taking care of business. (Bathroom, Black Sheep Inn, Chugchilan)
Volcano TungurahuaVolcano Tungurahua
Volcano Tungurahua

Active volcano enroute to Baños.
Oooh another waterfall...Oooh another waterfall...
Oooh another waterfall...

Bike Ride to Puyo
August 2006 volcanic scars in Baños areaAugust 2006 volcanic scars in Baños area
August 2006 volcanic scars in Baños area

Still business as usual for the farmers here. From where I took this photo the volcano was rumbling and thundering like crazy! (the top was obscured by cloud tho)

15th March 2007

I want to ride a Llama
Wow! extreme frisbee golf. Did you get to ride the llama frome one hole to the other? Cheers, Dave
15th March 2007

15th March 2007

I say!
How jealous am I as it is minus 20 in Whitehorse today (March 14). Have totally enjoyed your awesome stories and photos. Thanks a million---from the Arctic Circle (well, almost). The Canada Games were a roaring success. You would have enjoyed them. We are all very proud. Love and warm Yukon hugs, Missy
15th March 2007

nice shots
Hey thanks for the update, looks as though the goodtimes are none stop. While I was in Panama Matt B and I checked out a carnival in Boquete. Pretty fun much like the dawson fest. We picked up some bad ass ecuadorian pauchos and ninga suits. One of which I rocked at a drum and bass party in whistler last night. Wish there were photos, but I looked like a wild wild west ecuadorian white ninga master. Always goodtimes. yeh yeah
16th March 2007

Churches, waterfalls and Disc Golf!
Greetings from Ko Phi Phi! I love the pics and being at teh middle of the world makes me want to seek out tha same spot over here! A little jealouse that you got to play disc golf, but if one of us is doing it, thats Wunderbar! By the way, from corey and I, stop being cheap...and buy a new hat, we can see the sweat stains from Thailand. Take care, and you two can finally stop wearing jackets ! Your Guide Jordan
18th March 2007

Reaching new heights, having a new center of balance, and learing a new instrument are all incredible accomplishments. To my suprise though I never knew that lamas could throw frisbees.................... to which your probable response Ben might be something along the comical lines of "hair farming is big down here in South America", followed up with an explanation of how you and Nastassia are planning an early retirement in the cropping season. Take care you two, hello Nastassia. Corey
21st March 2007

Miss You!
Hi Ben and Nas, What a treat to read all about your exploits. Your Grammy would have loved reading all about your travels. She was a great "arm-chair" traveller. Thanks so much for the postcards - what a thrill for you both. Uncle Jas, Auntie Ger and I had a great time skiing in Colorado - thought of you both and then again in Lake Placid. You will forget how to ski and snowboard! - ha! - just kidding! Continue to give 'er as your dad would say. Much love from you Auntie Moe

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