my exotic trip to Bogota, Colombia

South America
March 14th 2019
Published: March 14th 2019
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Welcome everyone, my name is Juan Jose Garcia Sanchez and I’m going to talk about my trip to Bogota with my father and brothers. This happened a few years ago and we went from Armenia to Bogota through the Height line way. It was frightening and very misty, we went in father’s car and my father always had the car’s light on. Some time later we pass the hugest tunnel through the mountain range, I felt a weird mixture of excitement and fright while we crossed the tunnel.

We visited some places in the route to Zipaquira, which leads to Bogota. Zipaquira were very impressive but very cold, with some rain. In there, we took advantage and visited the cathedral of salt, a gorgeous underground construction dedicated entirely to the tourism and Catholicism, of course. Everything was amazing inside: there were giant sculptures of crosses, a great chapel built in a vast cave, several others with great and colorful religious shaped monuments for the public and several sculptures of the virgin Mary. While we descended to the lowest level in the construction the warm and dampness increased and that felt like if I were inside a live animal, which was strange.

Several days after, we arrived at Bogota. the first thing that I noticed was the greatness of the city, which left me very impressed, and the very frigid environment, I always wore a jacket to fight the cold air. The streets always were narrowed and crowed, and the people were polite, but no so kind or energetic, like if they were always busy. Despising these first impressions, the outlook of the city was exquisite: the restaurants had toothsome food: the pork steak and the salmon baked that I ate were tastier than in Quindío. the shops were diverse and likable: I remember one called La Fontana, which had several fountains as ornaments.

we also went to one of the most famous theme parks in Bogota: Salitre Magico. I felt joyful when we entered, and we visited many of the attractions like the terror castle, with was very entertaining and terrifying; the Pirate Ship, the attraction of Avianca airplane, where the history of evolution of airplanes was told; the thrilling rush mountain in where I shrieked while the air was stamping in my face; and the “supershot”: a giant mechanical jumping ring which was so fast and very elevated that I didn’t dare to get on it. Also, we took a turn in panoramic wheel of fortune “the millennium”, it was in the first-time dizziness to me because of the height, but when I used to it the experience became mind-bending: the view of the park and Bogota from above was unbelievable. Finally, we visited the kart tracks: it was amused to drive small race cars, but also was complicated toc control them. Despite this the races were very funny and entertaining, eve I won one of them.

Well, this was my experience in the city of Bogota, there are a lot more places to visit than the ones here, so I recommend this city so much for who is looking for amazing adventures. Thank so much for reading this blog and goodbye my readers.


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