Manamo River Trip - What a Treat! November 22 - December 12, 2011

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December 23rd 2011
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The whole time we lived in Africa and every time we travel and we find ourselves some place uniquely interesting we refer to it as a “National Geographic moment”. This trip down the Manamo River was a continuous National Geographic moment. Every time we turned around there was another incredible view, amazing sound or unexpected moment. Whether it was waking up at sunrise having our coffee in ... Read Full Entry

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watching themselveswatching themselves
watching themselves

The kids always get a kick out of seeing their photo on the camera.
Eating Cocoa Eating Cocoa
Eating Cocoa

We had a chance to eat some cocoa fresh out of the nut. It was enjoyable once we knew not to eat the outside harder shell.
The Orinoco LodgeThe Orinoco Lodge
The Orinoco Lodge

The lobby of the Orinoco Lodge was a nice place to rest – we had a very enjoyable dinner here that evening as well.

If you come to the Orinoco Lodge this is the accommodations you will have.
Baseball hats?Baseball hats?
Baseball hats?

These fishermen near the lodge all had baseball hats - we hadn't seen many of them here.
Is it floating?Is it floating?
Is it floating?

It doesn’t look like it would float but they make them work and get around where they want to go!
Music from the dugoutMusic from the dugout
Music from the dugout

We had a surprise when we heard music coming from this dugout – he said it was a 4 string guitar.
Typical vegetationTypical vegetation
Typical vegetation

Some of the typical vegetation seen along the river’s edge.
Another beautiful oneAnother beautiful one
Another beautiful one

This is the sunset we were treated to anchored at Boca.
The Gulf of PariaThe Gulf of Paria
The Gulf of Paria

A view of the Gulf of Paria as we started to make our crossing.
Almost back to TrinidadAlmost back to Trinidad
Almost back to Trinidad

Seeing this platform told us we were close to being back to the anchorage in Trinidad that we were returning to.
Hard to missHard to miss
Hard to miss

The platforms are definitely well lit. Fortunately we spotted the various mooring cans around the platform that were not lit with our spotlight.
Hand drawn chartsHand drawn charts
Hand drawn charts

One of the hand-drawn charts we used to travel to Manamo River as it wasn’t always on our chartplotter. At times it showed us motoring over land, luckily that was only on the electronic chartplotter and not in real life!
Building RoadsBuilding Roads
Building Roads

They were busy building a new road in Pedenales.
Interesting paddlesInteresting paddles
Interesting paddles

Not sure if you can see the details but this boat was being propelled with very unusual paddles – they were actually old brooms. Surprisingly they worked!
Need a water taxi?Need a water taxi?
Need a water taxi?

One of the numerous water taxis that plied the river to get people to the various villages and towns.
Coming home from schoolComing home from school
Coming home from school

School kids look the same everywhere! He was happy to be getting home after a day of school.
Barbed wire or clothesline?Barbed wire or clothesline?
Barbed wire or clothesline?

Where there is a fence it seems to always turn into a clothes line!
Building roadsBuilding roads
Building roads

There were busy building a new road in Pedenales.
Socializing on the StreetSocializing on the Street
Socializing on the Street

This was a common scene - everyone sitting outside visiting.

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