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South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé February 1st 2008

Santa Fé Depuis notre départ de Puerto La Cruz, nous avons visité la plage de El Faro sur l'île de Chimana Segunda le 30 janvier, par la même occasion nous en profitons pour nettoyer la coque sous l'eau qui est quand même froide, 72 degrés ici, puis le 31 janvier après une navigation de seulement 1 heure nous étions à l'île de Arapos avec une magnifique plage sur laquelle nous avons mangé du BBQ et nous en avons profité pour nous baigner. Aujourd'hui nous avons levé l'ancre pour nous rendre plus loin vers l'est dans le fond du golf de Santa Fé. Nous venons ici pour la première fois, nous avons découvert un endroit sauvage avec de l'eau quand même assez claire, c'est tranquille, nous entendons le silence, l'ancrage est bon et peu profond. Notre position ... read more
Plage de Santa Fee
Les goélans

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé November 6th 2007

We headed further north to Cumana, a city on the coast not really knowing why we headed there! We were just heading closer to Caracus and hoping to see some nice places on the way. One thing I was hoping to see was the Guacharo (oilbird) which is a nocturnal bird and every evening about 10-15,000 leave the cave similar to bats looking for food and can imagine this being a amazing sight. Unfortunately we checked around a few hostels and with it being off season nobody was going there and it would be too difficult for us to try and arrange on our own so it's something we would have to miss. We headed to a small fishing village called Santa Fe to chill out for a few days. The place had an o.k beach ... read more
Pelecan's seeing out the storm.
Santa Fe
Church in Cumana

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé October 7th 2007

Copie du message de France : Position 10-17-49N par 64-25-25 W Nous sommes arrivés au petit village de Santa Fé dans le golf de Santa Fé à 15 hres sous la pluie du Vénézuela. Les montagnes sont vertes ici et le climat est plus humide. La plage du village n'est pas trop occupée et nous irons demain pour y marcher. Tout le long en s'en venant, les falaises de la côte nous ont fait voir des couleurs dans les teintes de rouge et de vert. Les petits villages de pêcheurs installés au pieds des montagnes nous suprennent à chaque fois par les couleurs des petites maisons. Nous vivons le calme, pas besoin de préparer de routes car la navigation se fait à vue. Les îles sont comme le continent, très abruptes sur le bord de la ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé October 3rd 2007

Intercity buses in Venezuela: not particularly punctual, unfriendly staff, and a stupid obsession with having to keep the curtains closed. I thought we had scored with our seats at the front on top of a double decker. But when the lady wouldn't let me open the curtains we were horrified. Maybe it would get too hot or maybe it would make watching the tele difficult. Whatever the reason, we were not amused. I popped a Dramamine and we had a marathon game of Monopoly on Pieter's phone. And the lunch stops are generally at disgusting dirty restaurants where you have to pay first and get a voucher to present for your food. And the cashier would often be a bottleneck, making the whole process time consuming and unpleasant. It took most of the day to get ... read more
Pelican invasion
Waiting for his dinner
Quinta de Jaiba

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé July 18th 2007

Hola amigos and amigas, We promise this will be a short update ! No time to waste on the Caribbean coast..... Our encounter with Venezuela started in Santa Elena, a quiet town in the South of the country. From there we visited the Gran Sabana, a vast grassy highland, famous for its tepuis (table mountains). We had a very nice day, exploring waterfalls, waterslopes and hilly landscapes. Although slightly hindered by the 1.000.000 mosquitos..... proofs on our arms and legs still visible ! With a very cold nightbus (upon disembarkment our glasses 'steamed', caused by the difference in temperature...) we then moved on to Ciudad Bolivar, from where we took a 6-seater Cessna plane in order to reach the famous Canaima Angel Falls which are the highest in the world (983 m). In Canaima we joined ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé July 15th 2007

well the last few days blew by and we haven´t had a chance to internet lately so here´s the scoop... we left from caracas... the foursome now... and headed to puerto la cruz for a night in a cheep hotel complete with bloody sheets... the next morning we headed over to isla de margarita for three nights of todo incluido... it was an anmazing hotel on playa humo by itself and had great pools nightly shows(more about these later) and piña coladas... the last two might be related... well we had a relaxing time enjoying ourselves... and the nightly shows we all participated stu and rachel danced the first night and i played some copying game which was ok... but the best of all was Kyle or should i say... Señor portofino... it was awesome... so ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé March 21st 2007

Our trip to Venezuela was long and a bit of an adventure! as we didn´t make it on the direct bus and we really wanted to leave Manaus, we just got on the nightbus to Boavista. From there we took a local bus to Santa Elena, which is the border town. The bus broke down in the middle of nowhere, but luckily we had a mechanic on board! You then have to do the border crossing by foot or by cab as there are no public buses... The Venezuelans didn´t charge us money for the stamp (we heard some stories about that), but we only got a 30 day visa. Finally, another night bus from Santa Elena to Puerto la Cruz. From there we took a por puesto (a minibus, who only leaves when there ... read more
Lost Paradise
Cheesy Picture...
Francesco Snorkelling

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Santa Fé August 28th 2006

sodeli, cumana isch wohl saelteschte staedtli vo suedamerika, aber wuerkli nuet bsunderigs. eifach halt e staedtli so wie alli andere au. da wo alt isch gseht mer leider nuemmer wuerklich, aber isch eigentli au egal gsi. hemmer doch e wunderbari posada gfunde, wohl eini vo de schoenschte wommer uf uesere reis gha hend. so bundig im kolonialstiel mit innehof, mega schoene zimmer und au suess eifach schoen. sind denn noch uesere akunft zerscht mol chli is staedtli gange. hend oeppis zmittag gaesse und denn simmer uf poscht und is internet. meh hemmer eigentli noed gmacht, aber wie gseit, es het eigentli au noed viel zmache gseh. am obig hemmer ir posada chli billard und suesstigi spieli gspielt und sind denn wieder mol friedlich go penne. herrlich gschlofe und endlich wiedermol e dunkels zimmer, so dassmer au ... read more
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