Added the rest of the Canaima photos!

Published: August 20th 2008
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So many of them are my favorites...which one is yours?


21st August 2008

Favorite Picture
I love all the pictures and I even made Bryan look at all of them and we both decided that we don't have the balls you do! LOL! My favorite pic is of you laying down and taking in nature by the falls. I can tell that that moment was wonderful and most likely overwhelming for you. Nature is so powerful, but beautiful and peaceful at the same time. I was imagining myself laying there. I probably would of cried because we are so numb living where we do that we forget we are one with the earth and that God made us to be with nature and not in concrete.Thank you for the pics, they are gorgeous and so are you! =)
27th August 2008

Cools Pics
Lovin the pics!! sooo very awesome!! I'm jealous :)

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