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South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 22nd 2005

Parque Nacional Sierra de La Culata 4,737m It felt good arriving in the samll town of Mucuchies 2,983m high up in the Andean mountains. We checked into our Posada and went to take a look at the town. In the fresh, evening mist I realised I had left my trousers behind in Merida and that my small dress was going to be useless in 20mins, when night set in. We bargained with several different stalls until I came away with one baggy, blue tracksuit style for $5. Perfect underneath my dress. We had slightly misjudged how much money we would need to bring and subsequently were restricted to a pasta meal that night and one breakfast costing 1000 bolivares, which is about 25p. After one bread roll, we set off early the next day to climb ... read more
Agua Termales walk

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 18th 2005

Having become accomplished scuba divers in only a week - Jacques Cousteau look out, we (royal we this) felt it was time to got some extreme action. 'Go to merida' the guide books exclaimed; 'the extreme sport capital of Venezuela'. Fair enuff - so with no further ado off we went... The bus journey into Venezuela was fairly uneventful, even dull, except for crossing the border leaving Colombia. We had got through all the immigration bits and were safely on the road into venezuela, when the bus was pulled over and a couple of 'uniforms' got on. I swear it took them three seconds to scan the entire bus and then point at me (sitting right at the back) and signal me get off - using a big gun. For a moment I thought about questioning ... read more
up and away
got my feet up again

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 16th 2005

Hello Guys, At the end of our last blog we had booked tickets to go to Merida, so following the 12 hour luxury coach journey we arrived in Merida. Straight away you could tell that Merida was much more relaxed and a slower pace than Caracas. It was also cheaper than Caracas. Merida is a town in the Andes with easy access to Sierra Nevada and hence nestled in between towering mountains. It is a university town and is much friendler than Caracas. Merida is much cooler than Caracas. We stayed in Posada Montana our first night, a lovely colonial style posada and for about 12 pounds between us we had a double room with cable tv, our own bathroom and hot showers. Which is great, we have found in venezuela you dont always get hot ... read more
White water rafting
Anaconda Hunting
Anaconda Wrestling

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida April 16th 2005

From the plains of Llanos we went to the Orinoco River delta and some of us opted to do the 3 day stay in the delta visiting villages and doing some wildlife sightseeing, nothing much to report on that except I was still ticked off at Olie since Ciudad Bolivar for not pulling his weight on putting away our tent on our last day at the camp, I made a scene at the breakfast table when i confronted him and was a bit embarrased later for losing my temper, poor lad , i did not speak to him the entire time in the Orinoco delta despite us rooming together, but all is forgotten and patched up by the time we got to Merida. Well Olie is just a teenager still, and despite his antics and tantrums ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida December 3rd 2002

La doctrina del sentimiento de poder trata acerca de la voluntad de poder, y sobrepasa el destino. Homero Vale decir, una serie de postulados más o menos ciertos, tenidos como verdaderos por consenso social que preconizan la potestad de propender a obrar u omitir algún proceso, y con eso imperar su hado, dicha facultad de mantener una inclinación o tendencia nos hace mesurar el potencial de los fenómenos que ejecutamos, y la razón, o sea, la raíz del acto, también la magnitud o tenor de sus efectos. ¿Los juicios son trastornados por causa de una humanidad habituada al morbo por el dolor de los otros? El conservar la especie depende de, por un lado, clasificar unas personas de: "buenas" porque son utiles, convienen, realizan trabajos, fabricando artefactos u bienes intangibles que producen algo de provecho para ... read more

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