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South America » Venezuela » Andean » Carorita March 11th 2006

Okay, so I'm actually writing this after the fact, but I realized in my entries that I never really finished describing the trip, and even some of my entries were rather sparse. So, I hope some of this will fill in the gaps, if my memory doesn't fail me! It rained almost the whole time, with a clear day or two to start and breaks here and there. It wasn't Venezuela's rainy season, but evidently it decided to rain anyway. So, some of our construction projects were put on hold, but we worked around the weather. There were a few parts to our mission trip. One is construction work, which included pouring gravel in a path made far too muddy by the rain, building a greenhouse at the mission house, pouring cement onto the driveway of ... read more
School in Carorita
School lunch
Heading home from school

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Carorita March 8th 2006

Sometime in the night Today we got some good work done. It was raining all day again—totally unexpected weather conditions all week. Supposedly, the rainy season is in July, but it’s rained the last several days. This morning, we went to La Puerta (the nearby town) to spend some Bolívares and enjoy more of the Venezuelan culture. Then, this afternoon, the rain continued, but we decided to work anyway. We got soaked making a gravel and brick path from the mission house to the nearby gazebo where they have all their youth meetings and such. It was very hard work, but it felt good. Tonight, Francisco (the head of the mission here) spoke to us about Liberation Theology and its representation in Luke. Basically, it interprets the Bible from the perspective of the underrepresented—poor, women, “sinners,” ... read more
Steps to the Schoolhouse
The schoolhouse
La Puerta

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Carorita March 7th 2006

About Midnight Another full day. Yesterday, we did some construction, Vacation Bible School, etc. The kids here are wonderful. So sweet and helpful. The youth are cool, too. We had a Sunday service and a cultural exchange. I beat-boxed, and it was awesome. So much fun. Also, seeing their dances, songs, etc. Today we worked in the fields with Arsenio, breaking up the ground for planting lettuce. Each day, we split into groups for work. We brought a nurse and a doctor to work in the medical clinic in the mission house. Some people help there, others work on various construction projects, others help with VBS and other activities with the youth/kids. Some go to the fields to see what Venezuelan farming is like. They farm right on the slopes of the mountains, and sometimes it ... read more
Hangin' with the kids
Playing catch

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Carorita March 3rd 2006

Approx. 9AM I’m currently in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela on a mission trip with USC’s Methodist Student Network. We are in a small village (Carorita), part of a farming community. So far, so good, though my Spanish isn’t as good as I’d hoped. We’ve been here one full day, and yesterday we took some time to get acquainted with the community, meet people, and adjust to a new place. We had a meeting with the youth—they were so wonderful. They had a youth meeting (like youth group), and we joined in. It was awesome seeing the universal church and sharing our cultures. All right, time for breakfast. I’ll write more (and more details) más tarde. ... read more
View from the Mission House
The Mission House
Inside the Mission House

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Carorita March 3rd 2006

11:10PM Today we went on a day trip to Pico del Aguila in Mérida. It’s the highest peak in this region of Venezuela. The clouds were very low and fell down upon the mountain, so we didn’t get much of a view, but it looked cool anyway. My Spanish is improving; I noticed with the kids, playing today. I feel a little more confident with it and with the people. The area where we are is very mountainous, with little towns interspersed throughout. We ate dinner/lunch in a town called Mucuchillo. It was lively. We had soup and cheese and arepas (bread of sorts). Tomorrow we’re going with community members to watch the youth play baseball at a nearby town. So far, it’s been very interesting. I enjoy interacting with the people, especially the kids. I’ve ... read more
At Pico del Aguila
Clouds descending
More clouds

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