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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 11th 2008

We arrived in Colonia, or Colonia del Sacramento to give it its full name, slightly later than planned and it was raining to boot. We check into the hotel which is a lovely quaint old place with many original features. There is also a very unique toilet in shower arrangement in our room and we spend a fair bit of the evening trying to work out the hows and whys of this. Eventually hunger gets the better of us (again) and we step out into the rain. It's hard to tell in the gloom but Colonia looks like a beautiful little town and as we our pizza's in the Colonia rock I look forward to the next day.... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 6th 2008

It's time to move on and leave for Argentina today. But instead of taking a direct ferry connection to Buenos Aires, we decided to take a but to Colonia, a very old traditional town in Uruguay opposite to BA. The town is definetly worth a visit and moreover the distance to be covered by ferry is less far than from Montevideo. Colonia was founded by the Portuges in early colonial times to observe naval activities on the Rio de la Plata and to smuggle goods into BA. The town offers a very pleansant atmosphere and gives the visitor a very good insight into the early days settlements in Uruguay. There are many old buildings and parts of the cities defences are also still in place. Stefan and I had a delicous lunch and prepared to embark ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 3rd 2008

Colonia: coastal city of clowns and golf cartsYou may ask why and we asked each other exactly the same thing. for a small sleepy town on the coast of uruguay, there are a lot of clowns milling about and lazy tourists zipping around in buggies. It has been bitterly cold over the past 2 days but we were able to layer almost everything we brought along with us to stay warm. The sun made an appearance for a few hours today for us to discover that the city itself is very pretty; lined with cobblestone streets, historic buildings, cafes and stray dogs.City highlights: Climb to the top of the lighthouse for gorgeous views over the river; browsing the antique shops and galleries; lovely dinner at a cosy parilla complete with live jazz entertainer.Accommodation: 2.5/5 - we´re ... read more
self take at colonia marina
paul on the boardwalk
colonia lighthouse

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 26th 2008

26/7/2008 Today was pretty much a day where I had stayed at home and studied as we have our finals on Monday and an oral presentation on Tuesday! One of the highlights I guess was when I visited the markets down in Paseo Recoleta! I brought me some nice presents which I have been saving for…as for me there is still some space in my luggage! After that it wasn’t really a very interesting day, I guess just studied(at least tried in Buenos Aires) for most of the day…. 27/7/2008 Alright!!! I don’t normally begin my blogs with such energy but that was basically how I felt all day visiting Colonia, Uruguay!!! Yeah I literally woke up before dawn and got me a boat (fast one) to Colonia…The funny thing was whilst waiting to board(embarcando) I ... read more
La Luz de la noche
Viva Colônia do Sacramento
Estadio para el futbol en a Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento is a little gem of a town on the bankof the river de la Plata which runs in between Uruguay and Argentina. Stacked with history and charm, after our stay in the concrete jungle that was Montevideo we were looking forward to some cobbled streets and pretty views. We weren't disappointed. We arrived in Colonia after a short 2 hour bus ride from the capital, and this time it really was a bus not one of the luxurious coaches we are starting to get used to. Luke and I could actually brush arms with one another by accident and the 'recline' was a mere 4 inches! We new that our hostel was within walking distance from the bus station and as it was still the middle of the day when we arrived we ... read more

We’re now in Uruguay. It only took an hour to get here from Buenos Aires. By ferry. We arrived in a lovely colonial town called Colonia. It was colonised by the Portuguese and is full of beautiful Portuguese pottery and lovely old buildings. Cobbled streets and lots of old cars - including loads of Fiat 600s. It was a bit chilly too. We went to El Drugstore for lunch - delicious food - I had the most enormous plate of gnocchi or ñoquis as it's spelt here. Then took in the sights of the historic part of the town. There’s an old street called Calle de los Suspiros or the Street of Sighs. It is a beautiful cobbled street with an old drain running through the middle of it. Reading that doesn’t make it sound beautiful ... read more
Painted fridge in El Drugstore
Very old cars
Plaza Mayor

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento June 21st 2008

Day trip to Colonia Del Sacremento, Uruguay. While in Buenos Aires, we decided to hop on a ferry to a small town called Colonia in Uruguay. This quaint town was stunned when I got ahold of a golf cart and decided to drive on the sidewalks. Fun times!... read more
This Was Our Top Secret Ferry to Uruguay
Me, Steph and Jill on the Ferry

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento June 16th 2008

Joe´s girlfriend, Stephanie, and her sister, Jill, met us up for about a week in Buenos Aires. While they were still in Buenos Aires, we decided to take a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. We took a high speed boat over to Uruguay, and like good tourist, immediately disrupted the peace by renting a loud, gas powered golf cart. This thing maxed out at 10 mph and had difficulty making it up hills but we still took it on the main roads with traffic, sidewalks, over curbs, offroading, etc. It would have actually been cheaper to rent a car, but this was way more fun! The town is actually the oldest town in Uruguay and is on the Rio de la Plata, which is the estuary that separates Argentina and Uruguay. It actually is ... read more
Old street
another old street
I even got the black and white photos going

Nicky: In true travelling style we decided that while we were this close to Uruguay it would be criminal not to hop across the Rio Grande and see what it was like. We took the boat from Buenos Aires last Friday to Colonia, on the south coast. It is a beautiful seaside town full of cobbled streets, stunning squares and views out to sea and back across the river to Argentina. On Saturday the sun was blazing so we wandered from our hostel (which was actually a beautiful private room and bathroom in the back of someones garden with its own terrace!!) down into the old town. We visited really quaint churches with beautiful statues and paintings, a lighthouse that you could climb to the top of and see across the town and the ruins of ... read more
Colonia - quaint squares
Colonia - beautiful yachts
Live music in Colonia

Greetings, dear readers. It has been some time since we shared our news, but we´ve been having a bit of a traumatic time lately and have been a little distracted. Uruguay has been a bit of a challenge it must be said. Firstly, it was closed for the week-end - no boats across the river from Argentina - and so we waited in Monte Caseros until the Monday morning before making our way expectantly to the jetty for the launch across the river. Due to wind, inclement weather or possibly an extended mate break, the boat couldn´t immediately cross from the Uruguay side, but eventually did appear, bobbing along and looking very small. We were soon hauled inside the tiny wooden craft; us, the bikes, 28 sacks of flour, one or two passengers and the ship´s ... read more
Ferry to Uruguay
Julio, Claudia, Friends & Family
Farmer´s luncheon party sees us off

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