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September 7th 2006
Published: September 7th 2006
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Colonia de Sacremento 1Colonia de Sacremento 1Colonia de Sacremento 1

Typical picturesque street of Colonia
Colonia - Colonia is a little town only a short ferry ride across the border from Buenos Aires (Argentina). Many people do it as a day trip and it is well worth it. It is a very picturesque little town, full of pretty streets, colonial cottages and cobbled streets. Around every corner is a picture postcard.

Not much, actually nothing, was happening at night but this was part of the charm, and there were very few gringos to be seen. You can fill in the time visiting the harbour, walking along the beach or lingering over a coffee in a cafe.

Carmello - I did this as a day trip from Colonia, but it was not really an inspiring little town and I would not recommend it being worth it if you are pushed for time. There are no tourist-worthy sites, but good just to watch everyday people with everyday simple lives play out before you.

Montevideo - This place is kind of weird but interesting. There are some once-beautiful buildings dotted around the city, especially in the old town, which are now tired and crumbling. The new town also has some pretty plazas, markets and quite a happening feel to the streets during the day.

The whole place has a European feel to it, and a feeling of past glory and grandeur. There are also some downright ugly, industrial areas, also around the port, which are hard to ignore.

Straight after the evening rush hour, the streets suddenly became almost completely deserted and took on a decidedly sinister air. Most cafes and restaurants were closed by 8pm, which is hard to understand, as the locals told me there was a lively night life. So where were all the people and what were they up to? The mystery remains unsolved.

Oh yeah, due to I forgot to bring my Yellow Fever certificate with me (which is needed for entry into Brazil), it was my mission to get another jab in Montevideo and obtain the much desired piece of paper. After a bit of hassle, "oh yes this is the place but we are closed, come back tomorrow" kind of thing, I finally found the office, which was strangely located in a building next to the port. If you were in the slightest bit scared of needles, the industrial location and questionable hiegenic conditions of this establishment would not allay your fears. Nevertheless, the people were friendly , the deed was done and I was presented with my bright pink (not yellow??!) certificate. However I was gutted when I finally crossed the Brazilian border and was not even asked for the certificate, even though I was waving it at the poor official.

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Montevideo 1Montevideo 1
Montevideo 1

Pretty interior of a cafe
Montevideo 3Montevideo 3
Montevideo 3

Market in one of the plazas of the Old Town

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