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November 7th 2007
Published: November 10th 2007
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The only reason I have included this as a seperate blog is that it is another country! Before travelling to Buenos Aires, we had a number of people telling us we "must go" over to Colonia in Uruguay for a day trip from BA, because it would take you back "several centuries" in time. Given that it was only a 1 hour cruise on a hydrofoil across the Rio de la Plata, and we were advised that Uruguay customs would be no hassle, we decided to take the advice.

Well it certainly seems to be a popular spot, judging from the crowds trying to get onto the boat, but I have to say we were pretty disappointed. We booked the hydrofoil there and back to give us a total of 6 hours in Colonia, and quite frankly, after 1-2 hours, we had run out of things to see. The historical section is pretty small in area, with the rest of the town looking like any small town in country Qld or NSW. We even ventured up the line of beaches, but brown water and no surf doesn't have much magic for us Aussies! While there were some nice old buildings and a couple of interesting (but small) museums, what with the ferry cost (over USD100 for us both), and the immigration at both ends for both countries, it just seemed a lot of hassle to us for limited reward. Now different things appeal to different people, so I'm not suggesting this will be everyone's position (I have read blogs from folks who love the place), but should any readers be getting the same advice, just think carefully about what you really want out of such a visit before committing to it.

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