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November 1st 2017
Published: November 1st 2017
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Back to the mouth of the river and back into Uruguay. This port was a tender and put into a very picturesque beach town , well beach city I suppose. A small island used as a resort on the East coast. Puerto de Punta Del Estes. The day was sunny and warm with light winds. Quite a long tender ride in to the pier. On arriving , there was the usual mob of local tour operators, bus charter operators and taxi hacks. Everyone trying to sell their time and take up yours!

We choose to walk,the perimeter with our friends, so 6 of us. We had a map and put Jit in charge of navigating the local tourist stops. Had we taken the ships tour , it would have cost us $49 each. Kate and I better spent that on Calamari and beer.

We know that Calamari is from The Falklands!

Bed and breakfasts , small hotels with names like "Sunset, Sea Breeze and Lands End".

You probably already have a feel for the island. A few monuments that represent naval battles ( the Battle of River Plate) and artists conceptions. There was a lighthouse from the 1800's and a Church that was all locked up. We snapped some photo's of the fingers of a giant hand protruding from the beach, a popular spot, not sure why. Really nice boardwalk with as nice a beach as you would ever want. The water was a little chilly though.

A lot of high end condo's and boutiques and restaurants but not many pubs. An enjoyable afternoon walk. No Police presence , which indicates low crime in the areas we were visiting.

Walking along the beach there were a few vendors. Kate saw a cute silk dress. She checked the price and walked away when told $60 US. That however was the going price for the same dress at every vendor. One did come down to $50. She went back with $45 and was told, " no, price now back to $60.". Go figure.

Payment for lunch/beer, was USA dollars, Uruguayan pesos or Visa. First time ever we were given a 15% discount for using Visa over cash.

Favourite memory, in a woman's clothing store, a little girl, maybe 4 , watching a sales clerk putting together a mannequin. The girl was fascinated until the clerk dropped one of the arms onto the floor. A You Tube moment!

Wifi at the Terminal building , back into the ship's tender , boarding the Zaandam by about 4:30.

Sea day and also Gala night. Kim never wants to attend Gala/Formal night. Says the only way he will wear his tie is around his forehead , like a pirate!

Kate had the modelling run through today. Chose the outfits she will be wearing tomorrow on the runway. Breakfast , lunch , gym , beer , dinner, beer , sleep.

Kim says that's his mantra.


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