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January 14th 2010
Published: March 8th 2010
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The quaint fishing village our book waxed poetic about turned out to be Cancun. During spring break. Whoa. A little too wild and crazy for us. Plus, totally booked up. Tent sites were going for $10 PER PERSON. We heard that a lawnchair on someones roof went for $10 a night. Yikes.

Lucky for us, Uruguayain people are the nicest people in all of South America. After hiking about two miles with all our bags in the heat, the hostel we arrived at offered us water and a seat, then told us they were all full. Not to worry, they made some calls for us and located some guy named Alexandro who sorta kinda had a place for us. And he would pick us up in his car! We were sold, even at $30 for the night.

Alex arrived and told us in spanish that he would drive us around town and show us around, after we went to the beach to pick up his girlfriend, who speaks english. We got the tour and an english speaking liason, and life was good. Back at the hostel (which was just his house that he decided to rent out!) they invited us to a traditional bbq, free of charge. We walked to town and explored some, then came back around 5pm for the dinner.

It was great, everyone was so friendly and there was a ton of food. For FREE. They even gave us beer. And more beer. And then some honey whiskey, then some other regional drink, then more beer.... It started getting out of control all the stuff they gave us, "between friends". Another couple was staying too, from Australia (Liam and ....?) and we had fun talking to them about all their travels. Here is a short recap of the rest of the night:

'Around midnight Alex went and made us pizza, of all things, (delicious, the best on our trip to far) and in a wood fired oven no less
'Around 1 am, Oliver went upstairs and fell asleep.
'Around 1:30 am Liam found him and drug him back to the party, promising that we were going "soon" to the disco.
'Around 4am we headed to the disco. Then had to go back to push the other car out of the sand it was stuck in.
'Around 4:30 we arrived at disco and danced our
Our hostelOur hostelOur hostel

Named after a Bob Marely album
butts off (they even bought us margaritas! "For our friends!")
'Around 6 am Oliver fell asleep dancing. It is hard to keep rhythm with a 170lb man hanging off you. Especially dancing to "Reggaeton".
'Around 7:30 the sun came up and we thought we could go home. Our hosts said, "Let's go to the beach!"

Being wussies, we went home and slept. Those crazy party animals were back at the house cleaning when we woke up at 11. CRAZY! And they do this all the time. And they are all in their 30's, so these aren't teenagers we are talking about here.

Too crazy for us, and with one 14 hour party under our belts, we are ready to get out of this country!

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11th March 2010

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