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January 16th 2010
Published: January 28th 2010
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Finally, in the sweltering heat we got to some beaches. We arrived in this sandy little beach town after a nice 4 hour air conditioned bus ride.

Our fatal mistake was to get off at the first stop ("I'm pretty sure there's only one stop", said Greg), which left us with a 20 minute uphill walk with our bags to our hostel in some intense mid day heat. Sarah was pretty pleased with me for that one but managed to survive! Despite our desheveled looks we were warmling welcome by a surprisingly tanned Scottish guy called Dougie.

We had our first real party hostel here, and although we were in dorm rooms, we had a little corner to ourslves which was good. We soon learned the art of making very strong "Kaipiriñas" which we drank throughout the night with groups of Argentinians / Uruguayans and our new friend Dougie who had to take on the role as "partyPolice" because he worked there... we even got into the swing of it with some Argy card games too thanks to their patience!

Being a party/beach town, we thought we'd go out to a club, but here they don't go clubbing til 4am! It was fun though - a big open sided place that you can hear for miles. At 7 am everyone gets the shades on when the sun comes up, leaving us europeans to squint. Although our torches were essential most of the time due to a lack of street lighting and pavements, they didn't turn out to be that necessary on the way home! What made us laugh was the stray dogs who would enthusiastically lead the way home!

We had to wait til about 4pm to go to the beach so we didn´t get roasted, it´s pretty hot and we saw too many bright red europeans to take a chance. It´s like a western film when i take my top off on the beach - the piano player stops and everyone looks round - it is tan city and the locals are all beautiful,much toour dismay!! Shame we didn't get more pics, but my last camera was destroyed by sand, so I was a bit wary.

One catch was the 2 days without internet, which also left the cash machine out of order! I had to do a 2hr round trip to the a town called Chuy (pronounced Chewie - the bus driver looked confused before i worked that one out) on the Brazilian border to use a cash machine so we could pay our bill!

We made some great friends here but after all our clean clothes had ran out we decided to go back to Buenos Aires and travel a 9 hour bus ride to Cordoba....


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