chilled out uruguay

Published: June 22nd 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hi all,
after arriving off the bus yesterday morning we checked into our hostel room at midday before heading out to check out montevideo, which is nice but cold! (only about ten degrees but with a chilly breeze!) checked out the docks which were pretty industrial with lots of massive cranes and containers. last night we had our first cup of tea! which although its no yorkshire tea it will have to do for now. we also cooked our first food (pasta and sweetcorn) for tea which was nice.

Today we have been exploring some of montevideo's museum's and historical buildings including the museum of the carnival - some strange and interesting masks!!. for lunch we ate at one of the little restaurants in the indoor market, although we weren't really sure what we were ordering so craig ended up with half a grilled chicken and chips (with no sauce), whilst carly went more conservative and had raveolli as well as the unexpected starter of soup! craig thought he was asking if he wanted salt but apparently he was asking if we wanted soup! tasted nice though. throw in a large bottle of local larger and a bottle of coke all for less than twenty pound can't be bad!

tomorrow we are getting the three hour ferry to buenos aires (argentina) where we will stay for roughly five days. the ferry doesn't leave until 1145am so not an early start! we have enjoyed our time in uruguay and it has been a slower pace compared to brazil, although the lady in the hostel assures us that buenos aires will once again be full throttle! bring on the steak and red wine!!

until next time buenos noches x


24th June 2011

Hey you two! Hope you are having a brill time- looking forward to your Photos!! You are not missing much here except me and Chris organising every palace march we can go to- so far 4 out of first 6- not sure Charl knows!!! Keep safe and have fun- I'm so jealous! Take care of each other lots of love Kate xxxxx

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