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February 13th 2012
Published: February 13th 2012
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1) Gregory Johnson


3) the 90's

4)The enviorment was peaceful, everyone was proud to be the way they were and evryone showed eachother love

5) during the 90's was the time i started to open my buisness, people had just found out about my resturant and evryone was excited to come try my food.

6) during the 90's the most memorable social issue was the Bill Cliton and Monica scandle, it changed peoples views about our president and hurt alot of people who believed and look up to Clinton.

7)During the 90's was when my buisness first started and it is also when it flourished, i havent had as many customers since then, it was when i created my reputation of being who i am today


1) yea i think location can influenece a person's action, usually when people do the things they do its because they are living in or experiencing something that they may want to change in the future.

2) the last decade of my life has influenced my life, it has been so many things changing around me since i was a little girl, as far as technology, politica and much more, this decade has durley changed my actions not only as a student but also as a human being.


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