Photos from South Georgia, South Georgia, South America

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Mind Blowing Beauty
Thousands of King Penguins
The Kings!
Sending this to Ortho Surgeon
Ship in the background
Oh so Happy
A few more of our Friends
White Seal
Follow Me
Breathing taking island
Whaling Village
A Gentoo Penguin
Heavenly Penguins
Elephant Seals
An amazing world
Among the tussock grasses
Fur Seal on the Move
Time for a Swim
Penguins huddle together
Fat and Fuzzy
Penguins are beautiful
Hiking to the Hilltop
Traveling with my buds
Penguins Abound
Sticking together
A day at the Beach!
I am too cute
Acres and Acres of Penguins
So cute when they waddle
A cacophony of sounds!
Follow Me
Deep in thought
The King Penguins
Inland Kings
Marching Kings
Curious King
The Colony of Kings
Riverside Gathering
The Kings and the Elephant
South Georgia Coast
Giant Whales
Fin Whale Soup
Even More Fins
More Fins
Fin Whales
The South Coast
South Georgia Scenery
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