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July 10th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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I woke up pretty disappointed my ankle still had no improvement but it was an okay day to be injured as it wasn't very active. We took the minibus to Ollayantambo and along the way we stopped at Moray, an Inca site. We also stopped at a local place where they made Chichua which is a beer made from corn... Dads face was hilarious as it wasn't very tasty. It is one of the most popular drinks among Peruvian's though. All of us went for tea that night and later there was a huge conflict happening between our intrepid group and a large group of american teens who were yelling, singing and continuing to do so even after being asked nicely by several people to keep the noise down. A few of the boys came and apologised at breakfast after they overheard our group speaking about how little sleep they had and that it had made them even more nervous for beginning the hike that day. I then hugged everyone goodbye going on the trek including dad. By this stage I had come to the conclusion that maybe everything happens for a reason and I wasnt meant to do the Inca Trail this trip. Although, it will be a good excuse to come back, and I'm hoping mum will join me next time as every time dad and I arrive somewhere the first thing we say is "mum would have loved this!". Despite coming to terms with it I was still quite upset and secretly had a few tears on the bus back to Cusco. Once there I managed to find Greens Organic Cafe where I sat on the balcony overlooking the main square (Plaza De Armas) enjoying my quinoa and trout dish, and fresh mango, passion fruit, Lucuma and peppermint juice. Little did I realize how upper class this place was... Ended up having to put all my organic indulgences on dads travel card! Next I found the local market and purchased an Alpaca jumper. The place was madness and filled with locals eating and shopping for local produce. I then stumbled across the Cacao museum which I couldn't resist. It was very interesting and gave the history of chocolate and how the Mayans used to use it as a form of money. I enjoyed a cinnamon chocolate truffle made there, along with a cacao iced tea because the museum was filled with information about how good cacao is for you! I then relaxed in the room wishing I was on the trail, and soon after went out for dinner with Ollie (Holger) our group leader then had a good nights sleep. Luckily this is probably the most beautiful city in Peru to be left alone in, as it truly feels as though I have gone way back in time with the cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings at every corner, many of them being museums or cathedrals. This city is the largest of the whole Inca Empire and encompasses many archaeological remains. Howevere, it can be dangerous for travelers in terms of pick pockets and scams. So I have decided to always leave the hotel without a backpack and only take anything I would I be willing to chuck on the ground and leave (apart from my camera) just to be safe. Only 3 sleeps until I meet up with dad again!


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