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October 24th 2009
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Coach journey to Copacabana
What Daniel failed to mention at the end of his last blog is that, on our last night in La Paz, he insisted we go for a curry. I think you can guess where this may be going. His was a tad on the spicy side, however, Dehli belly didn´t start to rear it´s ugly head until we were on the bus to Bolivia´s Copacabana the next day. The 4 hours on a bouncy minibus did not bode well for his fragile state and by the time we got to our hostel he was in a very bad way. Daniel has requested that I not give you the full details of the following 36 hours but advises anyone thinking of having a chicken jalfrezi in La Paz to think again.

Copacabana is an extremely small town and after one walk around I was struggling to think of how I was going to entertain myself until Daniel recovered. I needn´t have worried though because it turned out he had plenty for me to do by way of fetching him various products that he deemed remedial, such as fanta and pringles, all the while reminding me ¨this is the most ill I´ve ever been¨.

After a few days he was much improved and we headed on a boat trip on Lake Titicaca to the Isla del Sol, which had some impressive views and some Inca ruins. We spent the day there and then that evening we travelled further West around the lake which took us into Peru. We stopped at Puno, which is another town situated on the lake. From here we did another trip onto Titicaca to visit more of it´s islands. The strangest of these was a place called Uros where they had floating islands. These were made from reeds, with about 5 families living on each and they just floated in the lake. Altogether there were 51 of these islands so it was like a small floating town. They had boats made of reeds to get from one to the other and there was even a floating shop that came round for them to buy whatever they needed.

We went on to the next island, Amantani, where we were staying the night with a local Peruvian family. They lived on a small farm with a few animals roaming around at their will. It was pretty basic, no

Copacabana Cathedral
electricity or running water, but they were really hospitable and friendly. Daniel was enjoying the opportunity to move about by candle light, I think it´s down to him having read too much Dickens this trip. We struggled a bit with communication as the mother spoke no Spanish. We got by with some Spanish and hand gestures with the father and occasionally Daniel forgets where he is and likes to throw some pigeon French into the mix, to really confuse everybody.

Our next stop was Arequipa. It is located at the foot of mountains and volcanoes and is a really attractive city. We spent a couple of days there, mostly eating and sleeping, and then booked a trip to the Colca Canyon. A trip which invloved waking up at 2am, in order to get there early enough to see the Andean condors. The canyon is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon and the villages there have not changed a great deal since the Incas. We arrived at the canyon and waited for any sign of condor, as you can imagine after having only 4 hours sleep solely to see these birds everyone was pretty relieved when we did.

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Blessing their cars outside the Cathedral

Lake Titicaca

3rd November 2009

A message for Dan
Based on those last photos, Dan, to get Valentina's full attention- decorate around your ears with brightly coloured strands of wool, buy and wear a white woolly jacket, finish off with some brightly baubly bits strewn with gay abandon around your neck! Then wait for little pecks of delight from Tina! Because dressed like that you'd sure beat the hell out of that Llama! First class photos yet again, drove back from Bolton in torrential downpours today. When I got home and saw the pictures it was around photo No. 55 I began to sigh heavily, that glow and natural light is so uplifting in Arequipa, and the buildings beautifully painted! Ahh well back to Bolton again tomorrow!!!!! Love Dad and Mum xxxxxxxxxxx
4th November 2009

RE: A message for Dan
Don´t worry Dad, soon you will be in Japan. Also today we met this couple who were "experienced" in years, like yourselves, and they are on a 6 month trip round the world...there´s still time for you yet! xxx
4th November 2009

Look at dan with his candle! Haha
5th November 2009

Hey, watch out about that 'experienced' bit! I might have a few tell tale signs - but in my mind?! Not! By the way it was well rainy again today. Llandudno postponed the promised fireworks extravaganza! Will be thinking of you on Grandmas Birthday, we are having a suprise party for her in Stella Maris, Father Jones promises to make a big fuss of her, Love dad and Mum xxxx
6th November 2009

Of course La Paz is a well known centre for Indian cuisine! Good effort. It seems as though some traveller complacency might have crept in. Great pictures though

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