Photographs from Peru - by Rachel

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South America » Peru
April 15th 2007
Published: April 15th 2007
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Photographs from Peru - by Rachel

 South America » Peru By TheEversonFamily
April 15th 2007
The Everson Family

Peru is a country of brilliant contrasts; of sun and rain...

grimy poverty and gleaming Inca gold...

terraced mountains and teaming wildflowers....

mud brick homes and sophisticated stone ruins.....

cappuccinos and cloud forests.......

Hope you like the quick collection of photographs shown below!

We're in Whistler now (Canada) - and it's really cold and snowy!
Jake and Helena are learning to snowboard!
We'll write more about amazing Machu Picchu and our climb to the summit of Wayna Picchu soon.

Hope all's well with you - I hear it's quite Springlike at home!

Rachel X

Additional photos below
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Amazing Machu PicchuAmazing Machu Picchu
Amazing Machu Picchu

Hidden in cloud forest....
Please note no guinea pigs were killed on our behalf!Please note no guinea pigs were killed on our behalf!
Please note no guinea pigs were killed on our behalf!

This is a photo out of the menu - we didn't actually order it! PS - As Helena would say - "Leave me a comment if you like the photos" - the kids keep teasing me because I never get any comments!

15th April 2007

What stunning photographs! I particularly liked the landscapes with swirling clouds and shafts of light.
15th April 2007

Amazing pics - you really are going to have the slide show to end all slide shows when you come home!
15th April 2007

Stunning photos. Now you now we like to eat werid things but even we would have to pass on the Guinea pig!!! xxxx
15th April 2007

Happy Face !!!
Rachel ..... The photos alone are deserving of exhibition... they tell of your family's adventures really well !! . The "happy face" of the little child.... the eyes are so clear almost like glass ...... definately the windows to a mischievous and happy soul. Keep safe all of you...... Tracey
17th April 2007

Fantastic Pictures
I love all of your pictures...I am always checking out photos of Peru and yours are so unique...I like the variations and the everyday life. My son is living in Peru for 2 years on a mission...he has fallen in love with the Peruvian people and had some amazing experiences...some not so good! Have fun on your travels, what a blessing for all of you.
17th April 2007

Brilliant photos except for .......
I cannot believe you included the guinea pig, we are all traumatised for life and as for Chocolate, our healthy, rather fat, talkative guinea pig she hasn't been seen for days! How on earth do they ever catch the guinea pig first, Chocolate can go from a standing position to the end of the run in under a second. You should have seen Grace's face when I told her, you will be questioned by the Northamptonshire Guinea Pig lovers very sternly on your return!!! Love Kathryn xxxx
19th April 2007

guinea pig delight
yum yum--- guinea pig for me please

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