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June 28th 2010
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Victoria´s family at the harbourVictoria´s family at the harbourVictoria´s family at the harbour

Peurto Pizarro is a both a fishing and tourist town located at the mouth of the Tumbes river. Attractions include a restaraunt on the beach, bird island and a large expanse of tidal mangrove forest.
Victoria´s family and I took a trip to Peurto Pizarro, a small town at the mouth of the Tumbes river.

This is apparently the spot that the spanish conqueror Pizarro landed on his way to kick Inca butt.

We organised a tour boat once we got there and had a look at bird island and the crocodile farm in the mangrove forest.

Bird island is a mangrove island with an absolute cloud of frigate birds on and around it.
This species of bird is endemic all around the world and has a very distinctive and aerodynamic shape.

The crocodile farm is a breeding and protection program for endangered american crocodiles. A little wimpy by australian saltwater croc standards, but interesting anyway.

Near the dock there is a whole pile of little stalls selling primarily shell related jewelry and mantle piece fodder. Some of it was very pretty, and of course, quite a bit of it was just a bit on the tacky side.
But then tourist fodder supposed to be tacky isn´t it?

After the tour we ate at a dockside restaurant, but the only photo is of the crabs next door 😊

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Family in the boatFamily in the boat
Family in the boat

A trip including bird island and the crocodile farm cost a whole 40 soles (au$17 or so) plus the entry and incidental expenses in the farm itself. And the boat waits while we do the farm part and then takes us back as well. Pretty good value really.
Bird IslandBird Island
Bird Island

Frigate birds nest here in the 1000´s. The male collects building material and constructs a nest, then advertises for a mate by inflating a large bright red pouch below his beak.
Hugh and Victoria in the MangrovesHugh and Victoria in the Mangroves
Hugh and Victoria in the Mangroves

This is a small jetty near the croc farm. When the water is higher I presume this is where they drop off tourists, but it was fairly low tide and this waterway was not yet navigable.
Victoria at the croc farmVictoria at the croc farm
Victoria at the croc farm

Beauty and the beast
Baby CrocodileBaby Crocodile
Baby Crocodile

Victoria´s brother Jorge paid 5 soles to play with a crocodile.
Hugh with baby crocHugh with baby croc
Hugh with baby croc

So of course I got a photo as well.
Tiny Crabs on the harbor mudTiny Crabs on the harbor mud
Tiny Crabs on the harbor mud

This picture is taken from the side of the restaraunt. The crabs are a little bigger than they seem as they are about a metre below the level of my foot.

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