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November 16th 2008
Published: November 26th 2008
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After out first night of bush camping with little to mention except the marsh mellows we had over the open fire we woke in the morning of the 18th November and headed to Punta Sal which was our honme for the next 3 nights and we were camping on the beach. After setting up our tents Stefano and myself headed into the water which was still kinda warm at 6pm and together with the rest of the group we watched a really nice sunset which made for a beautiful evening. That night we stayed in the bar on the beach and enjoyed a few beers with the group because we knew that day 2 was the party day...
Day 2 and we all headed into Man to do a group shop and get some local currency. We headed back to the beach about 11.30 in time to hit the beach, get some sun and swim. In typical fashion as we were a bus full of Brits, Assuies and Kiwi's we palyed cricket on the beach...needless to say Stefano lost interest after the second ball and joined the girls who were catching some sun
At about 3pm we started a fire on the beach and all took turns cooking and turning the chicken on a spit. It was at about 6pm the party started with Shots of Vodka Mars which was really nice. Everyone got involved and the drinks kept coming. I swapped camera with one of the girls on tour and some the photos that I got back were outrageous!!! Unfortunately I had a pinky swear agreement which wont be broken with the girls and you will have to image what I got back on my camera...at about 1 am after a massive booze up on the beach what else could we do except a bit of skinny dipping...so in the moonlight about 10 of us hit the water again. Thankfully I think we managed to save our dignity...hpwever the water was quite cold!!! After everyone dried up we headed back to the open fire for rum and coke, oh how we love Rum!!!
Day 3 and pretty much everyone woke with the mother of all hangovers. A few of the lads decided the only way to defeat the hangover would be a swim in the cold sea which was bound to wake us up and refresh the senses! Well all was going well until I felt something on my leg...I was stabbed by a stingray - you know that animal that done over poor old Steve Irwin, well he took me on and came out 2nd best!!! except I had to go to hospital with blood pouring out of me and a tenticle sticking out of my foot, oh my god the pain! Thankfully though apon arrival to the hospital I had my good bud Stefano to look after me...thats right he couldnt handle it because he nearly fainted at the sight of a needle so he had to leave the room...'Heart of a lion this one!'
After it was removed we headed back to the beach to get some sympathy and a few beers. Stefano got playing volleyball with some locals and lost to a girl who was under 5ft tall...enough said.
The next morning we left Punta Sal and headed off in the general direction of Lima. It would still be a few days until we arrive so there are a few hbush camps to stop at along the way. The first one being last night (21/11/08) which was a very drunken truck journey (see photos) and then equally as drunken night in the wilderness and open fire. Nice!

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