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May 31st 2011
Published: May 31st 2011
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It's not that I completely understand the ways of the ocean but at the moment here in Haunchaco the waves are just out of control, huge washy foaming waves are pounding the shoreline, few surfers brave them, I can't see how they could. It resembles a washing machine, the fog obscures the horizon but as far as the eye can see these monsters continue to relentlessly crash on the shore and break over the sea walls, It's not even a full moon, the roar is deafening and even though it is hazy the sun still breaks through leaving the days balmy and hot. It is supposed to be winter here since April but it hasn't arrived yet, the days are very humid and summer remains.

A few weeks ago when the moon was full, The waves in Haunchaco were enormous far too big and dangerous for the surfers to surf safely but about 20kms up the coast is a place called Chicama which has been described as a surfers dream. Haunchaco cleared out of board shorted lads and lassies as they all headed to this area where the waves are more stable, Chicama is reportedly the longest left break in the world, One experienced surfer explained that it is possible to stay on the board up to 3 minutes but the average surfer will enjoy a 2 minute ride, I find this amazing, that's a hell of a long time to stand on a board and ride a wave, since I will never have the nerve or the strength to do it I wish them luck.

Whilst watching the sea today I had to laugh when a huge wave came in and pounded the shore about 20 feet higher than the previous waves, My amusement came watching the slumbering sunbathers scrambled to gather their things and run to the sea wall, One little girl of about 3 years thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen as we sat on the safety of the sea wall watching the shenanigans, Mother nature truly amazes.

The Cabelitos de tortora (little sea horses) the little reed vessels used by local fisher men have now been removed from the shore and are resting safely against walls further away from the sea wall, the few left leaning against the sea wall are in woeful shape, left to the furiosity of the wilds are rendered useless, many partially submerged in soppy sand, their pointed bows pitifully stooped towards the ocean that destroyed them.

I have been walking the dogs I have mentioned in a previous blog, A complete headcase red setter named Redhead and a mellow study girl of indeterminate breed named Chocolate, I am loving it, not only do I get to spend time with these gorgeous girls I am also walking about 30-35 kms a week (bring on the muscular legs) Little Skinny the 3rd member of the pack has finished her round of penicillin but has not improved, She eats but still looks like she is starving, another trip to the vet confirmed a diagnosis of liver failure, her doting master is playing it by ear, as long as she continues to eat she may have a chance.

In the meantime Haunchaco is becoming a place full of familiar faces, locals call friendly Holas and Como Estas as I wander through the village, Its a small town and on the whole people are friendly and eager to help.

On the downside my computer charger has died a death leaving me to beg charge from the ever busy JD. My ipod got a shower from a spilt water glass but survived the ordeal, My camera has been rendered unfixable, I took it to a electronics person and it came back as I had left it but minus the memory card, I argued but the chap refused to admit it……..what can you do?

In the meantime pretty Haunchaco continues to ease my mind and keeps me bobbing along.

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1st June 2011

look again
Take another look at the faces of those dogs. I see tears in their eyes..............
2nd June 2011

Tears in their eyes.....
They were exhausted after a long walk and probably not too happy at me sticking a camera in their faces, They are very happy little girls.
15th June 2011

Love the Irish Setter
Love your word pictures.
15th June 2011

She is just gorgeous, she lays on the floor, knees crossed like proper little lady

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