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South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto October 31st 2013

Well, when I signed up to come to Peru, I was on a mission to enhance my life with knowledge of medicinal plants so I can be a better medicine woman and human being. To strip away that old story and be able to be present for clients and my loved ones. I knew I needed to be closer to the healing plants of the Amazon region to be able absorb their messages and bring that information back with for my practice. I thought this process would need months to accomplish so I booked my stay for two months. What hera happened in actuality is that in the past two weeks I have taken in so much information and shifted so strongly that I need to assimilate before I can learn more. At this juncture, more ... read more
sign for the waterfall
the spirit of this waterfall came into my heart

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto October 16th 2013

Buenos Noches Mis Amigas y Amigos! I am going to start this blog with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my campaign to both get here and do this important work. Whether you supported (or are supporting) in prayer, good vibes or the generosity of your pocket, I want to say I am moved with love and gratitude. I am being a very good steward and feel absolutely inspired to take my work to the next level. Please forgive the dreadful internet service preventing me from being able to blog sooner. It's been truly dodgy, where nothing would load and sooo slow (my cousing Athena travelling and doing humanitarian work while exploring in Africa understands!!!) But all that aside, tonight, sitting here in a sweet jungle lodge in Tarapoto with the cacophony of ... read more
Boat Ride 10 mins from Iquitos to Padre Cocha
Who is this little guy?

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto October 2nd 2011

Guayaquil, Cuenca & Vilcabamba Guayaquil may be Ecuador's biggest city, but it definitely isn't the prettiest. We walked along the renewed riverfront parade and around a colourful little hilltop village with a nice view of the whole city, but after that there wasn't much else to do. So the next day we went to Samborondon, a suggestion from our Quiteño friends, which turned out to be a very posh neighborhood with only closed condominiums and shopping centres. Interesting, but not really our thing. So we were happy to get on the bus to Cuenca, which is a charming city with many colonial buildings and churches. We had a funny night out with some other travellers, starting off at a microbrewery and ending up sipping cocktails at a live music bar with really bad and loud rock. ... read more
Traditional dancing in Cuenca
Colonical houses in Cuenca
Asymmetrical church in Cuenca

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto July 25th 2011

We headed to the jungle on small trucks, one of the trucks managed to have a flat tyre so we had to pull over to the side of a mud road and change our tyre. We got our life jackets on and travelled to our reserve, the boat journey was a good 5/6 hours with a spot of lunch cooked by our guides. We saw monkeys, snakes, piranhas, birds, sloths and other lovely creatures. In the evenings we went alligator hunting and were all successful and we also went fishing some catching Pirahnas, some poisonous fish, some managing to hook electric eels, some getting absolutely nothing, not to mention any names...Adam. The food was lovely crackers were demolished and egg and rice or fish and rice was also on the menu. The two nights sleep in ... read more

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto July 25th 2011

Part 1 Boats galore over the past few days!! We headed to the cargo boats after our last blog Íquitos´. We all realised hammocks aren´t so uncomfortable after all, minus the occasional collisions in the night. Some people liked to make the most of the space available and spread out. Laura sat in her hammock thinking she´s a pea due to the lovely vibrant green colour of the hammocks. It took a while for us to set sail due to the thunder and lightning. For most of our two/three days on the cargo we played card games, not all of us quite understood the rules of all the games though. The toilets on board were...interesting, and the beetles and other insects weren´t quite so welcome either. It was really nice for us all to interact with ... read more

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto January 16th 2011

Tarapoto was a good “base point” for some great hikes to various waterfalls. We recommend you to get information at the tourism agency of the municipality, which is in Plaza de Armas. This is a public information point and therefore allows you to plan your own trips without having to go on more expensive tours organised by private agencies. In fact, this office puts you directly in contact with those guides who live in the villages close to the waterfalls. The hike to the Tamushal waterfall allowed us to visit a project which is reintroducing local species into the area and which takes place 10 minutes away from the waterfall. The hike to the waterfall was 1 hour and a half at a good speed, but it can take up to 3 hours if you walk ... read more

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto November 22nd 2009

After 4 nights in the Barranco district of Lima, I ventured out with a local to the amazon region of Tarapoto. It was a nice view of the county side along the 29 hour bus ride. Went north up the coast then cut inland over the Andes for the remaining 10 hours. As the bus travelled along the thin ambilical cord connecting the amazon cities, towns, villages with modern civilazation the landscape slowly changed from dry desert to lush humid jungle with peaks and valleys. Arriving in Tarapoto 9pm got a 12 dollar hotel and was anxious to get horizantal after the bus. Tarapoto is a city of about 100,000, fairly compact, with a nice central plaza. Markets and moto/cars fill the streets. moto car are similiar to the tuktuk in thailand. Tarapoto is surrounded ... read more

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto April 24th 2009

I know I haven’t blogged since Christmas (Sorry!!). A lot has happened since I’ve been back...I won’t bore you with all the details, but in nutshell I’ve been completing the last stage of my project, writing my master’s ‘thesis’, traveling a little, and trying to enjoy the time I have left. It’s really strange to me that my time here is coming to an end…although I’m extremely excited to go back home, Peru has sort of become a part of me, and it will be hard to leave knowing I may not be coming back (although I do hope to stay involved with the work here). It’s also exciting knowing that I’m graduating a month from now…my master’s essay has been approved and I’m officially done! Now I can stop paying Hopkins the big bucks, and ... read more
My favorite jungle flower!
Jungle Flower

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto October 30th 2008

Coming from the delightfully friendly town of Chachapoyas, we were high on the concept that small town Peru was fundamentally different to the surly indifference we have often received in Peru. So we embarked on a bus journey to Tarapoto - our gateway into the Amazonian rainforest/jungle areas. Granted the bus journey was over four hours longer than expected due to the search and seizure of a suspect bag of fireworks on our bus. After the two action DVDs had expired, the spare time was voluminously filled with poor quality footage of a music concert - every band a similar format, with 4 guys singing and dancing on the stage. No surprises, but the music was all very much the same, only occasionally punctuated by the girating form of a barely clad female doing her best ... read more

South America » Peru » San Martín » Tarapoto July 29th 2008

Hola... Well good news, I was finally able to claw my way out of the Amazon Basin, 2 hours up into the foothills of Peru´s Northern Highlands in the city of Taropoto. I definitely got my fill of the jungle... whether it was swimming in a tributary of the amazon with pink dolphins, playing soccer with native children in an isolated village of 200, salsa dancing with a prostitute in a bar during a torrential downpour, waking up to find a disturbingly large spider laying dead on my mosquito net, or seeing mosquitos bite through 98% deet repellent. Alas, luxury (it´s relative) will ensue. Oh, how I have missed regular showers, fresh meals besides rice with river rish, and efficient transportation. The main form of transportation in the Amazon is boats, which are painfully slow (days ... read more

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