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April 24th 2009
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I know I haven’t blogged since Christmas (Sorry!!). A lot has happened since I’ve been back...I won’t bore you with all the details, but in nutshell I’ve been completing the last stage of my project, writing my master’s ‘thesis’, traveling a little, and trying to enjoy the time I have left. It’s really strange to me that my time here is coming to an end…although I’m extremely... Read Full Entry

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Boat ride on El Lago AzulBoat ride on El Lago Azul
Boat ride on El Lago Azul

Mijail and driver
El Lago AzulEl Lago Azul
El Lago Azul

The fence in the water is a fish farm.
Local liquor (snake liquor, that is)Local liquor (snake liquor, that is)
Local liquor (snake liquor, that is)

Look carefully...do you see the head of the snake in the bottle?

Just like the concept of the worm in the bottle of tequila...here they put a live snake into the bottle and then pour in the alcohol.
Santa Rosa (fishing town near Chiclayo)Santa Rosa (fishing town near Chiclayo)
Santa Rosa (fishing town near Chiclayo)

I took this photo on Easter day.
'El Niño''El Niño'
'El Niño'

My project is about the El Niño phenomenon in northern Peru...I thought it was interesting that this boat was named El Niño. The phenomenon has a huge impact on the culture in this region.

24th April 2009

Tequila snakes, say what?
Snake in the bottle of tequila....oh no no no no no !!!!! Count me out on whatever celebration THAT is for!
24th April 2009

I love this blog and the pictures....well, minus the snake in the liquor and the pig dissection. Lunch just doesn't seem as appetizing anymore!
24th April 2009

Hi Heather! Great blog as usual. Thanks for those amazing pictures. I cannot believe its already time to come back..but I am sure you are looking forward to it. Best of luck winding up everything in Peru and have fun traveling with your family. Madhavi
29th April 2009

Those are amazing pictures! Some of those flowers look completely unreal. I now have a burning desire to try the cocoa fruit and a burning desire NEVER to try snake tequila. ::shudder x 1,000,000::

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