My 22nd Bday at Lake Titicaca

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April 6th 2005
Published: April 6th 2005
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SOOO im 22 today...and well lets just say that it wasnt too of an exciting day. We arrived here in Puno, Peru yesterday morning and hoped right on a boat on Lake Titicaca. We spent the day visiting native people who live on floating..yes floating..islands. Then we went to a larger island where we spent the night with a family. They spoke Quechua and only the father knew english so it was a bit difficult. But the day was beautiful and at night they let carolyn, marc and i dress up in their native dress and we went to a party. It was really cool. This morning we woke up and went to a different island where we spent the day. We all got a great tan and just arrived back here in Puno a few hours ago. Tomorrow we are hoping on a bus in the morning for Copacabana and La Paz, Bolivia. So we´re totally stoked about that. We just had dinner and we´re going to go out now for some drinks to celebrate but the real celebration for my birthday will happen when i get back to host family is throwing a party for me and then im sure there will be some dancing and pisco involved. anyways thanks to all you who sent me emails and cards today....lots of love D


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