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May 17th 2011
Published: May 17th 2011
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My Peru adventure has drawn to a close. Back in the U.S. since May 15, I now have time to write and post just some of the many photos I took on the last leg of our trip. By the way, in addition to reading this present entry, please also click above on "previous entry", which I published "quietly" yesterday. It is all about our second and third days in the Cuzco area. Following our stay in Cuzco, w... Read Full Entry

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how the islands were madehow the islands were made
how the islands were made

They were made generations ago, supposedly to get away from the Incas and the Collas
scene on Taquile Islandscene on Taquile Island
scene on Taquile Island

the women wear long black headscarves
farm on way to Sillustanifarm on way to Sillustani
farm on way to Sillustani

Broz's grandparents lived down the road. He spent summers as a teenager with them.

funerary towers of the pre-Inca Colla people

17th May 2011

Thanks for the interesting summary of your trip and this area!
Great photos as well. So glad this OAT trip turned out so well. See you soon.
18th May 2011

What a world traveler you are!!!
Hilary, What great places you go to and we ride along with you. San Francisco must seem dull after all the Peruvian color and charm. What are your plans for the near future? Will you stay put in SF for a while or are you off in another direction? Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop? Best, Betty
18th May 2011

Warrior Woman YOU!
Another fantastic trip under your belt. What's next on your bucket list?! Your entries are more and more finished - love the pictures throughout. NOW, definitely time for a rendezvous! Hugs to you, Penny
20th May 2011

A basket of fun
It hightens my pleasure to learn of the places you travel thru your comments and photos. Thanks and keep them coming, I am looking forward to your next adventure. Ciao, Tom
22nd May 2011

Trippy Chick
lovely pictures from a great trip.What a hard life these people seem to live. Beautiful but a bit bleak and foreboding.

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