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South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island October 16th 2006

After a breakfast of pancake and muña tea, our party set off for the harbour, where we were waved off by our island families. We sailed to the beautiful island of Taquile, distinct from the others, our guide informed us, by the richness of its agriculture, the use of Quechua (instead of Aymara) as the official language, and the extent of inbreeding. Walking to the island´s plaza de armas, I felt like I could have been on some lovely deserted island in the Med. After a quick look round the artesan fair and photo exhibit, we treked up to our restaurant for lunch, where, for 12 soles we were served a delicious yellowy soup and a main course of trout, chips and rice, served with more muña tea. We then descended the 500-odd steps to the ... read more
the walk to the harbour
morning light on the lake
sheep on the beach

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island June 17th 2006

We have heard that Puno does not have a lot going for it other than as a stop off and entry point for Lake Titicaca. We arrive in the late afternoon after an eight-hour bus journey that took us across the border from Bolivia to Peru. After a brief rest in our rooms, we meet up again to visit the huge and quite impressive condor statue that looks out over the city from the top of the hill. The next day we set off very early with our local guide, Henry, for a two-day trip on the lake and it’s islands. It’s father´s day today, and there are no phones on the islands we are to visit, but fortunately we locate both a phone and a phone card on the quay and make the calls to ... read more
Family in a boat on Lake Titicaca.
Peruvian flag on our boat.
Coastline on Taquile island.

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 23rd 2006

23 Mayo - Lago Titicaca, Isla Amantani On the Boat now, leaving La Isla Amantani and headed to Isla Taquile. I am sad to go, but excited to continue my journey. I think I should take this time to elaborate a little on my travel companions. I am traveling with two girls from New Zealand: Nikki and Kate. They are wonderful, great travel companions, high spirited, laid-back, and willing to do just about anything. They are so full of life and energy, and so accepting of me. I enjoy every minute with them. We are comfortable together and have become great friends. Nikki is a writer and an aspiring sand beach volleyball player. She is quick-witted, funny, and always has a smile on her face. She’s easy to get to laugh and calls herself “Photography Barbie.” ... read more
Kate, Nikki, and I in Traditional Dress on Amantani
My Friends, Kate and Nikki

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 8th 2006

As my bus from Cuzco rolled into the town of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in all the world, I met Alina, a fellow traveler from Canada fluent in Spanish. As we compared notes on lodging, we agreed to share a taxi, and then a hostel room, and she later ended up rearranging her calender to spend an extra day with me on an overnight homestay to Taquile Island, the nearby weaving and knitting community. I was really glad, because until then, I was the only one scheduled to go on this non-touristy trip where I would stay overnight with a family that lives in a more remote side of the island, not as well traveled by outsiders. Although nearby Amantani Island had 25 people signed up for a homestay, ... read more
Hats for Sale
Here is the house we stayed at
Natalia Dancing

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island February 20th 2006

Well, Carnaval is spread over a couple of weeks throughout South America and with is comes water balloons, streamers, and silly foam (basically shaving foam in a pressurized can). It appears to be a game of flirtation between teenage boys and girls with the girls getting the brunt of the boys ´affection.´ The other targets are gringos (ie, us white folks). With Puno having had its Carnaval last weekend, folks were still in the party mood. We were prepared with our own silly foam and got to practice with it serveral times while in Puno! What Fun! Puno, like Copacabana, is situated along the shores of Lago Titicaca. As a town we don´t have much to say besides the above as we simply used it as a jumping off point to the Islands of Amantani and ... read more
Amantani accomodation
Girls of Amantani
On route to Pachamama

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island January 28th 2006

Picked up from the hotel at 7am, we were cycled to the harbour by the local bike taxis ( great fun! ). There we stopped at the market, to buy presents for the families we would be staying with that night. Presents consisted of basics, Rice, Pasta, Candles, even Suncream and Toothpaste. We then set off by boat, across Lake Titicaca, 3,800 meters above sea level. Its so high, the clouds and the sky constantly feel just above your head, as if you really are at the top of the world. Our destination is the Island of Taquile, a 3 hour journey on our boat. Half way on the journey, our captain decided to leave deck to do some boat housekeeping, leaving the steering completely unattended for its 16 passengers! So, in to the captains chair ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island January 24th 2006

well this past weekend was absolutly amazing. I met a girl at the school from Calgary. another case of travel halfway around the world to meet your nieghbor. Her name is Sonia. we have become good friends over the past couple of weeks. we dicided to take a tour to puno and Lake Titicaca. the school had a package deal for the weekend which was very attractive. our bus did not leave til 10 pm friday night so we had a bite to eat then went to the salsa class at the school. after that we jumped in a cab for the bus terminal. the driver was totally confused as to were we wanted to go but eventually we figured things out. the bus got us to Puno around 4:30 am and we where met at ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island December 13th 2005

I´ll first start with the most exciting part of the day, the boat trip back from Taquile Island. The full day consisted of a boat trip to the Reed Islands then onto the island of Taquile for lunch. The journey to Taquile was very pleasant, sitting on the top deck enjoying the sun. The return trip started in the same way but this didn´t last. About an hour into the 3 hour journey I was woken by the boat gently rocking, thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. Over the next half an hour it got alot worse, pritty soon everyone was back down from the top deck sitting in silence and looking very worried at each other. It then got worse still, everyone started putting on life vests with a few people being ... read more
Lake Titicaca - Reed Island
Lake Titicaca - Reed Island
Lake Titicaca - Reed Island

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island October 11th 2005

So what an amazing experience. Its true what they say about Lake Titicaca (or Titikaka if you are a local) truely amazing scenery and the blue sky reflects across the water with such a deep blue colour you could be in Greece. The tuk tuk ride was too much for Alex as 10 minutes into the 4 hour boat ride she was being sick. Unfortunately she missed out on the 2 hour up hill walk on the Island of Taquille (which was meant to be a 40min flat walk!?) and the lunch cooked for us by the local Mayor!? The men here have an interesting tradition of knitting their own hats and competition is rife to see who has the most stylish and elaborate. We were given a sheet of helpful Quechua words that we had ... read more
Juliaca - a lovely place in Peru!!!??
A street scene in Juliaca
Simon climbs out the cab to get a pic of us!!??

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island August 30th 2005

well its been one adventure after another recently. Early to rise and we were on our way to the floating islands on Lake titicaca, most impresssive! The Islands actually float!! There are reeds packed together to form a base, and the roots of the reeds float hence keeping the island from sinking, the only thing keeping it in one place are stakes going directly through the island. The views from the island were lovely but unfortuantly the islands are so over comercialised it kind of spoils it, although we did get to buy some lovely lovely tourist goods!! After a while on one floating island the natural progression was to go to the next floating island...the one with a phone box on it! Where we photographed a lady making bread who then demanded some money! then ... read more
Three (little) men in a boat
Reed boats in all their touristy glory

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