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South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado » Ecoamazonia August 13th 2012

Day 3: Monday, August 13th, 2012- Lima, Peru to Puerto Maldonado, Peru Today, we woke up early to catch our flight to Puerto Maldonado for our Amazon tour. In Puerto Maldonado, we met two other girls from Ottawa, Canada (Melina and Kalina). They were also on the Intrepid trip to the Amazon Lodge, but apparently their names were not on the list of individuals staying at the Lodge. I am not sure what happened but everything eventually worked out. Since we needed to take a 1.5 hour boat ride to the lodge we were only allowed to bring a small bag of clothes on the boat. I quickly packed some night clothes, and a pair of clothes in my carry on baggage. I forgot to bring underwear and another set of clothes. I was pretty much ... read more
The Bus on the way to the Lodge
EcoAmazonia Bus
At Puerto Maldonado Airport

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado » Ecoamazonia February 19th 2011

Flying into Puerto Maldonado you can see the Madre de Dios river far below: a great, wide, swirling brown mass of water pouring away towards the mighty Amazon. We reached our lodge after an exhilarating boat ride followed by a 20 minute hike through dense jungle. Although midday, hot and sunny, it was half-twilight under the tree canopy and wet and muddy underfoot - conditions that barely changed for the next 4 days. When it rained (which was often) it came down in buckets. We became accustomed to being wet - or at best damp - the whole time, but the lodge was comfortable, with rooms open on one side to the jungle, candles & kerosene lanterns for light, effective mosquito nets and many bats roosting up in the rafters. There were lots of birds: macaws, ... read more
Local transport
Closing in
El rio

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado » Ecoamazonia December 11th 2009

Puerto Maldonado 28.11.09 - 08.12.09 Wir verbrachten 10 Tage in Puerto Maldonado und davon eine ganze Woche in der Selva. Wir flogen von Cusco nach Puerto Maldonado und wurden am Flughafen von Sue abgeholt Sie und ihr Mann Jim arbeiten fuer eine kirchliche Gemeinde. Dorothe hat ihre Adresse von “ihrem” Pastor in Arequipa erhalten (welcher mit dem Paar befreundet ist) und so sind wir an unserer Unterkunft gelangt. Am Flughafen haben wir auch noch Bernhard und Hanni aus der Schweiz kennengelernt, die vor 16 Jahren in Puerto Maldonado eine Gemeinde aufgebaut haben und vor 18 Monaten wieder dahin zurückgekehrt sind. Dieses Pastorenehepaar hat fuer eine Jungle tour die Anakonda Lodge empfohlen, welche von einem Scheizer namens Donald und seiner thailaendischen Frau Wadee geführt wird. Also wurden wir dorthin gefahren und sind dort neben einem feinen thai-lunch ... read more
Dorothe und die Kinder der Anaconda Lodge
das Haus von Jim und Sue
Patch, der Bewacher des Hauses

Jaime bashed on our door at 5am the first morning and nearly gave us a heart-attack. As it happened I had been awake for the previous 30minutes listening intently to some sort of animal loudly munching the grass at the back of our lodge. I figured it had finally decided to attack... Breakfast was at 5.30 and after picking up our rubber boots we left in a motor-canoe at 6am. Jaime advised us to bring insect repellant, snacks, a hat, sunscreen and lots of water. Boy, did we need lots of water. About five minutes into the rainforest we were both soaked with the heat. I'm guessing it was 30degrees but the humidity was stifling. Every so often Jaime would stop in front of a tree and explain what it was and what the local people ... read more
In the jungle
Sinead, queen of the jungle
On the canoe

The Health Office official was also thinking better safe than sorry, as he handed us face masks and demanded our tour operator information. He then disappeared into the back and made a flurry of phonecalls. When he emerged we had found our luggage and were wearing the facemasks, willing to do whatever he instructed. All we wanted to do was get to see a doctor. When we met our tour guide he didn't even flinch at the news that we would most probably be detouring the whole bus via the doctors surgery. Right oh, just hop on the bus there. Hopping onto the bus that held several people who would have seen us on the plane minus the facemask, who now saw us plus them, had the same effect as walking onto the bus with a ... read more
The clinic inside
Rikshaw in Puerto M.
Our cabin on stilts

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