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December 1st 1981
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: -3.7529, -73.1915

So, here we are. We have just had an exceptionally satisfying continental breakfast. At least, I think we did. They gave us about three minutes to eat. But that is irrelevant. When we left home, Puma Frazier Darling Kitty-Cat was not overly pleased to go for a car ride, but he did have the enthusiasm to entertain us with a wide variety of meows and snarls.

We descend slowly into Miami. The flight has consisted of Arthur and Beowolf. Arthur being the movie Arthur and Beowolf being the Anglo-Saxon poem turned modern English prose. Ah, well. We did encounter some slight turbulence over the Gulf of Mexico, but there was no reason to alert the media, so I didn't. But alas, I am once again being irrelevant.

At the time this is written, I am on a small TWA Boeing with Faucett painted on the outside. I am waiting for our flight to leave. We were supposed to leave an hour ago. If another flight is late on me, I'm going to ... well, probably yawn and go to sleep.

The flight was dull except for two things. There was a super-neat storm outside our window -- triple layer columnus clouds backlit by flashes of lightning. Spectacular! The other thing: a CMC French lit major turned Berkeley agriculturalist sat behind us and kept telling us that UFOs had been spotted over Antarctica -- so don't talk to any strange green men!


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