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May 19th 2006
Published: May 19th 2006
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So I am here, the final destination: Peru. Spent the first day in Lima, walking around the financial district with a group of Israelis. Tomorrow I head down to the desert, and in a few days will celebrate my birthday in the Andes in Arequipa. I will finish my trip in Cuzco, probably won't hike machu picchu, but will visit for sure.

I am so excited to be here. Already it has such a different feel, part of which is probably just my mindset, but already the people, their faces, mannerisms, etc. are different. And the crafts are incredible.

There'll be a lot of night buses, rushing around, fighting against the altitude sickness, and then taking in a whole new culture and land, all meaning complete exhaustion by the end, but oh so worth it. Can't wait.

maybe I'll have time for an update while resting and getting used to the altitude in Cuzco

okay, I'm off to go check and see if the water goes the other direction. 😊



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