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October 4th 2005
Published: October 5th 2005
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Our first day in Lima exceeded all expectations. I had the that impression that it would be a culturally barren, monolithic slum, but it was in fact quite interesting.

Our taxi driver (Roberto, who won the large jostling match for our business) was unable to take us right to the hostel because of a demonstration. It was in a large public square right outside our hostel. We never did figure out what the point was. They were yelling a lot, though.

A marching band started up as soon as the demonstration wound down. We went down to look and there were people dancing and people carrying effigies of San Francisco. It was some kind of religious thing, so we did the only respectful thing: took lots of pictures!

Later that night we went looking for dinner. We passed a few gringo-friendly spots, but kept looking. Then we happened on a crazy night market with no gringos in sight. Food in Lima is... interesting. At the market, we ate some "mystery stew" for 2 soles ($.75). We figure it was guinea pig stew. We got a weird papya cider or something, too. Earlier in the day, I ate some
Night marketNight marketNight market

Ten second exposure of the sight of the stew
civice -- raw fish in lime juice. But I ordered calamari, damn it!

The hostel we´re at, "Hostal España", is quite a character place. There are bits of mummy in the lobby! Not to mention the Greco-Roman statuary and the chandeliers. Its very nice, but tomorrow we´re gonna get out of here and try to get some Spanish lessons in a bit of a less hectic environment. Maybe we´ll go up the coast to Trujillo or over to Cuzco.

Oh, and Kathleen took some videos with her camera, too. We´re still beta testing the video function, but there should be something on Google Video soon: and search for ¨"Lima, Peru". They have to approve it, so it may or may not be up by the time you read this.

See you soon,

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The BandThe Band
The Band

From left Danko, Robertson and Hudson.
San Francisco San Francisco
San Francisco

A float??
The SquareThe Square
The Square

After the protest
San Fransisco´s churchSan Fransisco´s church
San Fransisco´s church

A view from the hostel
Hey Ho, Hey Ho .... Hey Ho, Hey Ho ....
Hey Ho, Hey Ho ....

The protest, as photographed from the hostel

They are EVERYWHERE here
The JungleThe Jungle
The Jungle

Houseplants at the hostel

5th October 2005

Me, I expected it ...
Wow, it really looks like it should! I have no idea where I get these expectations from - did I watch some movie set in Peru or something? I can't remember if I did, lol.
5th October 2005

Great pictures.
Hi from Palermo. Loved your pictures. We should have done that.
5th October 2005

love your note and photos. please please send pictures of YOU GUYS too....most important (to me) it is raining and all clouded over and cold in Victoria and the grass is getting green now.
5th October 2005

be careful!
Be careful! Be good. Love th blogs ! el Grandmother. AMB
7th October 2005

Canadian consolate
Do you register with the Canadian consul and update them regularly so we can locate you if necessary ?. One never knows ! Please let me know. el grand AMB

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