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August 2nd 2007
Published: May 18th 2011
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I am now in Lima, Peru and I am as excited as excited people come. It was a long trip to get here. To save some money in Costa Rica, I took a direct bus from Santa Teresa to the San Jose Airport- 6 hour bus ride on Sunday July 29th- instead of going to a hostel for the night and then spending money on a cab. I arrived at the airport 13 hours before my flight and had the pleasure of trying to sleep on tile. You can only check in 3 hours before a flight, so a couple of hippie girls from San Francisco and I had a long night ahead of us hanging out in the front of the airport. They were even more dumb than me. They arrived at the airport 26 hours before their flight and between three of them, they could have shared cabs and hostel rooms for very cheap. Since I was alone, I did not have the cheap option. Instead, I watched them make bracelets and necklaces....very exciting...I guess.

The night finally passed and I boarded my plane at 10:30 in the morning. On the flight I met a Peruvian man named Jose. He lives in the U.S. now, but is taking a vacation to see his family. We got to talking and he offered me a ride with him and his family to the hostel where I am staying----free of charge! It was about a 45 minute trip by car from the airport. Today, I am meeting him for some breakfast and he is going to show me around a little bit. It is amazing how generous the people are here.

Lucky for me I have a brother that has been here before and he has given me some help. He gave me the name of a hostel to stay at in Lima which is a very old house in an old part of the city. The owner has statues, paintings, and mirrors all over the 3 story complex. Although it is dorm style rooms, I was able to take my first hot shower in three weeks. There are also many travelers here. I am sharing a room with two Germans, a Candadian girl, an American, and two other guys who showed up while I was sleeping, but managed to wake me up with their snoring later in the night. Also, later today I am going to get into contact with my brothers friend Paola. She is a Peruvian chica that I am excited to meet and have heard a lot about from Jeff. Well now I am off to start my day (which actually started an hour earlier than expected because I got the time change wrong). Pictures of the area to come!


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