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May 28th 2016
Published: August 22nd 2016
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Devastating to wake up and get off the boat today. I woke up about 615 and breakfast was at 700. It was docked in the shipping port so some pretty ugly views to end our last day on the boat. We had to put our bags outside our room before breakfast so the crew could start loading the skiff and bus. After breakfast we chilled on deck one last time. So sad. The girls just wanted to get off to get the goodbyes to crew over and done with.

We air dropped each other photos from the trip. It's so good and easy to share pictures. Emily's dad had organised a sheet with everyone's emails so we took photos of that too to stay in contact. Alinson took us all out on the skiff to shore. The original place we stopped they wouldn't let us off as some construction was on and we didn't have hard hats. The poor boys had almost unloaded all of the bags so had to start all over again. We got dropped at another spot with some insane stairs to climb up. Full respect for the poor crew who had to carry our
bags up those. Being scared of heights those stairs scared the shit out of me. About halfway up I was like OMG I ran out if hand rail and had to scurry across to the other side where there was a rail with help from one of the girls. We gave Alinson finally hugs goodbye. Ashley and Christie were in tears to say bye to all the crew.

We jumped on a bus in Iquitos and were taken in town tour. We got to see Daniels grand daughter and she was really cute.

We had spare time so Daniel asked if we would like to go to the Indian markets so we all said yes. They were really nice markets. So much beautiful stuff but just too hard to carry around my bags are too full and I have too long still to travel but also so much is banned in Australia it will be confiscated when I get home. I bought Ashley a hand painted toucan postcard to make up for missing out on a toucan. The sloths Skiff got a toucan close up but we didn't see any. Hopefully I will the second time I go into the Amazon. Christie bought a really beautiful dream catcher and Ashley bought some bowls from a store that had the prettiest wood we have seen yet.

Our flight back to Lima was on time. Same seats as last time but further back so Asian guy on window, me in middle and Emily on aisle but the Asian swapped with Em. Our window was so foggy on take off though we couldn't really see much and then when it did clear there was cloud. So we didn't get any amazing views.

We checked back into Dazzler hotel and met downstairs shortly after. I went to get some more money out and then we went for a walk to find some some ceviche bars Ashley had read about. We looked at a few before picking one. They gave us corn and tuna tar-tare as a free taster and then I tried ceviche. Theirs was really nice fish but also squid and muscles and wasn't too spicy. We rushed back to hotel and didn't get back till 5.50. My knee is now killing me and I ended up with a limp so Inca trail should be fun. I expected my welcome meeting 600 so was stressed and in a hurry to get their. I got a taxi to hotel Britannia and got to my room just after 6. Came back down to reception and asked about when the meeting was and they put me through to guide who told me 700 pm. I told him I wouldn't make it as I had plans and he said ok just come down half an hour early tomorrow and we will talk then.

The girls organised a van to take us to/from the fountains instead of getting two taxis. We paid 200 sole for him to drive us and wait 1 1/2 hours. I was due to get to the hotel at 715 but I stopped 3 taxi and no one understood where to go so I asked the girls to come to me which they did. It was so busy trying to get into the fountains due to a parade. The driver told me and Kristan to out our bags under our jackets and be very careful. The other girls just had money belts on.

The fountains were
pretty spectacular and I felt safe inside the park but again it was fun with the girls and I probably wouldn't have gone solo but I'm glad we saw it. We watched main show then wandered around to all the different fountains. They had a few you could run through and Emily did. She was doing so well but last minute she got soaked. There was a water arch you could walk under too. We ran into Emily's dad, Susan and Warren there also. It was a nice night out. It was kind of nice not meeting new group too leave it as a surprise in case disappointment. Sad to say goodbye to the girls. The Amazon boys are still messaging us all so its nice we are staying in contact and we also created an Amazon Friends Group on whats ap to talk to each other while we are still travelling. Ashley is heading home in a few day but Christie Emily and Kristan are on another tour and heading to Cuzco in a dew days so I will be able to talk to them about it before I get there.

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