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August 16th 2015
Published: September 3rd 2015
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Woke up early and went quietly downstairs. I had a 7:30AM flight to Lima. I checked out of the hostel and the guy at security got me a taxi which I paid 12 Soles for the ride to the airport. My flight back to Canada would also be with Avianca and as I was checking in a guy tapped me on the shoulder and showed me a badge and told me he wanted to ask me some questions. This was not the first time I have been pulled for secondary screening and it was fairly benign. He searched my bag and asked me some questions before allowing me to go to my flight.

My flight to Lima would arrive in Lima at 9AM and my flight back to Toronto would be 19 hours later. I didn't want to wait in the airport so I paid 55 Soles to go into the city and went to my hostel in the city Happy Up There Guesthouse. The guesthouse is the upper floor of some lady's house. I spent the day wandering Lima and getting some nice pictures of the Presidential Palace and the Main Cathedral before heading back to the hostel. There weren't a lot of people at this hostel because it is one of the smaller ones. I went to bed until around 1AM and took a taxi back to the airport. After that flight from Lima to San Salvador and another short layover before another flight to Toronto.

So that was my Machu Picchu trip. It is well worth all the cuts, bruises and various other injuries.

Tips for Peru and Machu Picchu:

Buy good hiking shoes

Trim toenails to minimum length to avoid cutting into feet during hike

Rain ponchos are a must

Buy high deet level bug spray

Wear long pants at coffee plantation to avoid mozzie bites

Walking poles are a must

3 days minimum in Cusco

Unlicensed taxis are unavoidable in Peru but use your best judgement on them.


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