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September 9th 2012
Published: September 12th 2012
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1st post - Arriving in Peru

As my trip started on Saturday the 8th, I was already excited about everything expecting me along my trip. Especially the Peruvian food.

I had a oversleep stop in Madrid, where I met my friend Christian, who had lived in Germany and was room mate, if crashing at friends in the living room might be called so. He picked me up from the airport, had a very, no big deal, small problem with the car and headed immediately home. In a mater of minutes we headed to a bar in the crazy, chaotic and warm city of Madrid (won´t write about this, is a south American trip but: warm, lout, beautiful girls, skirts, nice food, cold bear, lout people – something amazed me and still does here in Peru is the free Wi-Fi even in parks and buses… definitely something Germany not even dream about yet).

On Sunday after almost a 12 hours flight I arrived in Lima. The flight wasn´t the best although it started very good. I had checked my bag directly so I could sleep longer and I arrived at the airport just in time to walk directly to the gate, buy a Spanish book and boarded.

The seat didn´t had on-board entertainment, and the woman sitting next to me wasn´t that nice or communicative or me, 20 years younger was just not her typ.

¨Houston, we have a problem! ¨– I talk a lot…

Found out the positive site out of that. I packed my ¨south American bible¨ lonely planet edition to plan for the first time my trip. I also hat time to sleep a lot!

In Lima I was picked up from Karla, my friend I’m staying at and a friend of her. We did a small sight seen in Lima from the car, showing me some of the nice and things to see in the next days and they took me to eat. We had made a reservation in a nice restaurant, but still had to try something different at Barranco neighborhood.

We ate anticuho – heart of the cow and picarones, it was delicious (Next time I´ll post some pictures hopefully). Then we went to a Chifa – Chinese fusion food slightly changed according to South American taste. Very good and the restaurant was very nice. Nothing like the Chinese cliché deco and style, but very modern and pleasant, a 5 stars restaurant.

On my first day I did a round tour around the city, discovered and learned new things. At the evening I met Karla and 2 other friends and went to eat. I had a Humita, something we also have in Ecuador to remind the taste of it. Its something made out of corn and as a main dish I hat a tuna, which was crazy, out of this planet, good. Maybe I didn’t have something similar like in 7 or 8 years in Ecuador. Then we went out to a bar for Pisco Sour – the traditional alcoholic beverage in Peru (dispute with Chile on who discovered it).

On my second day I went to Mistura, a Peruvian gastronomic fair. I ate a lot, hat like a list of 20 different dishes, couldn´t try everything but 5 recommendations out of the list. Peruvians or at least people from Lima are great, they are very friendly and love and are eager to laugh, always laughing and making jokes. Every time I sat down to eat, I would look for a table to share and would talk to the people.

In the evening we went to the national stadium to see the Brazil World Cup qualifications against Argentina. Stadium was sold out and the feeling was great. Peruvian love football and even though they haven´t qualify to a world cup for some years, they support the team and just love it. As the national anthem came, they were singing so lout, it gave me the heebie-jeebies J. It was really exiting since the beginning. Ecuador hat at least played 1-1 against Uruguay, scored after 7 minutes from a penalty. The match was great, after maybe 5 minutes Peru had the chance to shoot a penalty, stadium went crazy, unfortunately without a chance to celebrate, Pizarro missed.

At the end it was a 1-1 where Messi´s team got Lucky, in a one-chance opportunity and scored, otherwise, it was a Peru match.

Today, I’m heading off to Cuzco, taking a 20-24 hour bus on my way to Machu Pichu.

Will try to keep you up to date.

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