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March 20th 2017
Published: March 20th 2017
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The hotel in Lima is gorgeous in spite of the Water Crisis. Room is comfy and gorgeous. It's much better to have insomnia 2:30 in the morning in a luxurious bed with AC that is gorgeous like the modern stuff you see on HGTV. I had a welcome dip in the pool yesterday too.

f I can figure out how to get the tv video Ana put on fb, onto my page....of the cow, the truck, the container, the the girl under the pile of wood rushing down the ravine with Incredible Force for miles and miles from the mountains, I will. Everyone in the video was lucky to be alive, but maNY have been killed.

Tomorrow we start the tour. Colonial Lima. Meeting in the morning with alleged complicated details I think. So far all I do is eat and spend money and lose stuff and look for toilets.

Theresa I constantly lose the Cat book . I leave it behind everywhere with all the important info and phone numbers in it but Thank God I've been using Facebook to communicate with Anna, my hostess at the Airbnb. She is a saint and I think she's going to coordinate with the cab driver who will bring book and pick me up for the airport on the 29th, 1 AM

Between my cat book and my Emojis tag I'm going to lose my mind ,whatever's left of it . Fortunately I have Rita's travel journal she gave me to use to back up the Cat book , THANKU RITA, and of course to lose as well.

So far everyone very nice and polite very. Lima reminds me of Mexico City but not nearly as large, only 10 mill I think. Right now they have Polish-Peruvian president (Kuczinski). Huge Chinese and large Japanese populations here. 2 past presidents were Japanese. It's extremely diverse here which is why the food is very different from Mexico . Plenty Nazi war criminals in past too. Anna told me a story of how a Catholic bishop or Archbishop or something like that was adored and praised for years until they found out he was a Nazi war criminal and he slipped out before they got him. Fascinating stuff.

Okay I'm going to try to watch some Peruvian TV now.


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