South America, Day 4: Lima, Peru

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July 31st 2014
Published: August 1st 2014
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Hola! Today I was supposed to go paragliding but there wasn't enough wind so it got cancelled 😞. I could just imagine trying to paraglide with unpredictable low winds, would probably end up in the ocean or stuck to the side of a cliff, so was best to not go today (just hoping the weather is ok for handgliding in Rio though). Today I slept in, had my omelet for breakfast then just walked around the streets and went window shopping. Peru has the most amazing colours in their traditional clothing, apparently they only wear dark clothing if they are in mourning. They had these ladies knitting this beautiful, bright coloured cloth in one of the shops, it looked amazing! I also went back to the cat park today, there are so many beautiful parks around where I am staying. I sat in one of the round seating areas while someone was playing the guitar and singing while the kids were playing with the cats (or harassing them) and some of the adults were reading books and patting the cats. After patting the cats I left the park and tried to subtly use the hand gel, but someone noticed and asked if I was from America (NO!), they tried talking to me but I quickly dismissed them and walked away. I don't mean to be unfriendly, but I don't particularly want to get mugged or attacked so I don't tend to trust locals that come up to me wanting to chat which had happened to me a few times already, especially as I stand out like a sore thumb being white, tall and European looking. If I was to approach them it would be slightly different, but I still wouldn't trust them. Anyway after that I bought a churro for lunch, it was from the best churro place in Lima according to Daniella so I didn't feel guilty, I just thought of it as a necessary experience. For dinner I had Bembos which is the South American equivalent to Mc Donald's (so yip, feeling pretty unhealthy). Tomorrow I'm going to La Paz in Bolivia, I'm not sure if I'll get wifi at all the places I'm staying and if they don't have a computer then I won't be able to upload any pictures. Will try my best, Adios!


1st August 2014

What a wonderful time you are having Melissa. Yes I'm so pleased you are being sensible not talking to people approaching you. Well Done Melissa. I keep thinking of taken and can't wait till you meet with Rachel and Kristy. Snowbee just will not stop crying. I have to go and give her a cuddle. I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow. Love you Melissa.
1st August 2014

to mum
Aww mum you are so cute! I am fine.
1st August 2014

Melissa Lauren Boyle got a silver in the 800 mitre race I think it was freestyle and won gold in the 400. She did really well. I saw the races and they were really great. She broke a new world record for her time in the 400. It was amazing. She really did well. N.Z. is doing really well in the medals. We are 5th best country in the Common Wealth. Lauren looked really stoked. Val Adams won gold again to. Love you Melissa. Mum.
2nd August 2014

To mum
Wow go nz!

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