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June 2nd 2013
Published: June 2nd 2013
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We headed down to Pachacama via Barranco. Barranco was home to the peruvian artists and writers. Aparently it is known for dancing and partying once the sun goes down but James and I won't get to see that. Visited the Iglescia La Ermita, which was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1940. Walked across the Bridge of sighs which is suppose to be a romantic place for lovers to meet (there is so many places here for lovers to meet). Then off through the industrial and slum area to Pachacama.

, Pachacamac was the deity worshipped in the city of Pachacamac by the Ichma.

Pacha Kamaq was believed to have created the first man and woman, but forgot to give them food and the man died. The woman cursed Pacha Kamaq, accusing him of neglect, and Pacha Kamaq made her fertile. Later Pacha Kamaq killed her son and cut the corpse into pieces, each of which became a separate fruit or vegetable plant. The woman's second son, Wichama, escaped, so Pacha Kamaq killed the woman. Wichama sought revenge and drove Pacha Kamaq into the ocean

Thats your history lesson for the day. The upshot of all that is that they built a massive big worship place of mainly mud bricks and well mud bricks and earthquakes don't go well together and so there really wasn't a great deal to see

It doesn't rain in Lima. Well they were trying to tell me that there has only been 3 storms in 300 years so I look it up. The annual rainfall is 13mm. So I don't want anymore whinging from you farmers. No wonder it looks so dry.

When we came back we went and to a restraunt and had Ceviche which is a local fish dish where the fish is marinated in an acid fluid (lime juice) and serves with chillis and red onions. it was very nice.

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polo Feildpolo Feild
polo Feild

Thought you might like to see these Garry
Statue of Chabuca Granda 6 HorsemanStatue of Chabuca Granda 6 Horseman
Statue of Chabuca Granda 6 Horseman

Chabuca was an Pervian singer famous for Afro-Pervian music
Local TaxiLocal Taxi
Local Taxi

There are 330000 taxis in Lima and I would believe that

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