Fear Infested Christmas Cheer: Zombies attack Santa in Lima

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December 26th 2010
Published: December 26th 2010
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Forget Cowboys vs. Aliens, on Dec 3 I witnessed a battle even more iconic and random, the battle between Santa and Zombies!

In the movies, the city is abandoned, the street tattered and desolate. However, it was a brilliant sunny day in Lima, I was with my father taking a walk. We were heading to La Comar to hit happy hour, cutting through Parque del Amor where Santa Clauses were dressed up posing with children for pictures, handing out coupons to have gifts delivered Christmas day which was shortly approaching. The early spreading of Christmas cheer put a spring in our step, as we made our way into the grand plaza with its main walk cutting into the side of the cliffs of the coast in tiers of bars and shops.

Approaching the staircase leading down into the plaza, there was grunting, yelling, a mass of figures jumping and jerking, loud and riotous like champions. As we came closer, the rotted flesh and blackened teeth made faces undiscernable, red eyes bulging with purple bags beneath them; huddled together it was a mob of zombies.

Before I could figure out what was going on they charged us, the group scattering in all directions. Oh my god, were going to die. This IS real? Please don’t kill me. I love you zombies! I believe I believe I believe! I repeated over and over in my head as if zombies were some sort of folklore who rewarded those who had faith like the Easter bunny or.. Santa?

My eyes followed the direction they were headed to a convertible careening down the street, top down, Santas waving vigorously, pom poms to the wind. My heart pounded as my father and I jogged toward the car. No. I thought. Not the Santas.

We caught up, desperate and panting, to find the zombies posing along the side of the car. Their sea of hands grabbing at Santa for..a hug. Camera shutters and flashes going off rapid fire.

I stood dumbfounded and dopey surrounded by zombies, Santa, and Lady Gaga even made her debut amongst the crowd.

For me, it mine as well be Christmas.

“C’mon, lets get a drink,” My father said.

(*no Santas were hurt in the making of this blog. The zombies were a part of International Zombie Walk. A walk held in several cities around the world in celebration on zombies!)

(*It is still uncertain whether the real Lady Gaga was in attendance or just a look a like.)

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21st January 2011

Lima is weird.
I was looking forward to your blogs on Peru Ms. Gabba Gabba! What a weird thing to stumble upon, zombie Christmas in Miraflores. Odd....but doesn't suprise me in the least! Lima was weird. Hope you are enjoying.

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