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February 7th 2009
Published: February 7th 2009
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Hi everyone. Just a quick excerpt today on thursday. I am getting ready to go to Machu Picchu and the days are long and filled.

We awake at 630 or 700 and go non-stop into the night with our volunteer work, spanish tutoring and we also usually go to a museum or have a special speaker come to our house.

I am getting healthy. I play with the kids for 4-5 hours in the morning and that requires every bit of energy I have. We play volleyball, futbol, basketball, we read books we speak in english and spanish, and today, two of my dearest young ladies wrote me beautiful letters in spanish. Demy is 11 and an absolute bundle of joy and Kathi is 6 and she is at my side for the duration of the day-- no matter what I am doing.

I am losing weight by eating good and exercising and my relationship with Christ is growing by the day as I feel his spirit all around me in the people of these communites and in my heart. His presence is undeniable.

Anyway, it has been an amazing week; the weekends are completely discretionary. Usually a group of vols find something to do on fri night and sat night- we have already located some nice restaurants and bars in downtown lima and some of the beaches are to die for. Everything is so extremely cheap. 1 dollar is worth 3 sols. So, a cup of coffee is like 2 sol.

Anyway, we also went to a national museum yesterday and saw how much violence and terrorism went on from 1980-2000. It was prompted by a radical group called the shining path, which were communists. Everything is in order now.

Anyway, until next time. Ciao.


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