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July 31st 2016
Published: August 3rd 2016
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Getting into Lima, turns out my timing for once was really good. After an easy five hour ride from the desert, I showed up the night before Peru's Independence day. This of course meant that the streets were alive with celebration and good times. I wasn't really planning on staying here very long as I've had my fill of big cities and I really just want to make my way North to Ecuador, so I was glad to have a little bonus excitement whist in the city. Of course within fifteen minutes or so of dropping my bags off at the hostel, I set out wandering and was adopted by a group of Peruvians reveling in their holiday and they were more than happy to let me join.

Waking up the next morning with a mild case of the AP, I set out to the central part of the city with all of the government buildings that were commissioned back in the colonial days of the 16th century. The architecture here was spectacular. Being Independence Day though, I was denied access into the main square due to the President giving a speech. Security was tight, but after a few hours the hoopla was over and I was allowed into the square with the masses and was able to enjoy the afternoon being the prototypical tourist with my camera.

Their really isn't a whole lot to write home about my time in Lima. For the two days I was there I just walked the streets and different neighborhoods snapping some photos. Nothing to special. Being in this city was a lot like being back home which is both good and bad. Good as in I got to go to the movies and watch the new Batman film, in English even, which was a nice treat for me. I haven't really watched any TV for the past few months, let alone an actual movie at the theatre. This was a nice change of pace for me, although my thoughts often remained on the terrible tragedy in Denver while watching this film. On the other side of the coin this city is filled with KFCs, Pizza Huts, McDonald's, and Burger Kings. Very strange for me to see these places. Good as in sometimes you just want food from back home, but bad as in you hate to see American Mega-Corporations take over the local market. I did have lunch at a Chili's though and I was happy to have it. Anyways after two days in Lima living like I would on a typical weekend in Denver, I split North for the beaches where I am happy to be hot again and in flip flops and shorts.

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