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April 12th 2014
Published: April 14th 2014
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On the road...On the road...On the road...

Highway out to Key West.
I'm here in Peru .... I made it!!

Sooo busy at the airport. It felt like every flight arrived at the same time and apparently they do! My driver Mario was there to greet me and provide a very calming influence. Thank goodness as it would have been very easy to have been swept away in the sea of people. I was wisked away to the lovely Maritza's appartment after a 30 min drive. Have posted a view from her lounge room. The flight over was pretty good and the pilot landed very well (see, I'm feeling like I can comment now that I have landed a few times lol) but it felt like10 hrs instead of 5. Most probably because I am still trying to recover from the jet lag and haven't really stopped.

But, you haven't heard what I have been doing in Miami yet, so better give you a quick recap!

I managed to get to Key West on Thursday. A full day spent in a bus for 3 hrs there, 6 hours to wander around, then 3 hrs back. Spent money on a new hat as I somehow managed to lose my old faithful.
Walking around Walking around Walking around

Beautiful architecture of Key West
Went on the town tourist bus and heard all about the really old houses and the southern most tip of the USA. Met up with some really cool sailors and had a drink at a bar that is apparently famous but I had never heard of - Jimmy Buffet's for margaritas. Yep, have teed up the sailors so that I get invited to any outrageous parties they go to as they both come from Melbourne. It's all about the net working and definitely meeting lots of new and interesting people, but dont worry kids- unfortunately neither of them looked like Johnny Depp (rats!), but Robyn & Jen certainly know how to have fun & party. They sail in regattas all over the world as crew members so are definitely 'out their' kind of people. Emails have been exchanged and I have saved their FB page to follow their voyages.

Well Ali, I posted off the wedding shirts on Thursday to Jane's with a couple of other things. Will leave it to you guys to sort out the trying on and adjustments if necessary (very exciting). Caught the local bus in South Beach but then got lost (of course) trying
My sailor friendsMy sailor friendsMy sailor friends

Key West at the famous pub that I didn't know was famous
to get back in time to catch my shuttle to the airport. Ended up running 6 blocks so just as well I am fit (hahah). Only to have the driver tell me he would have waited as there was plenty of time 😞. Crazy lady running through the streets of Miami was probably very usual for that city any way lol!

Arrived in Lima which has a wonderful climate of 25c all year but it is the 2nd driest area on earth. That's right no rain - they pump it in from the mountain areas to water 8 million people, amazing. Hard to believe when you see all the trees etc around but as it is a coastal town the humidity is high, so it is a bit like living in a green house. I was taken to a travel show which had exhibits from all over the world with food tastings and costumes. Very well put together for its first one! Had dinner in a restaurant that was part of a shopping centre built in the side of the cliff overlooking the ocean (Pacific I think). It was then suggested that I should take a night tour of
Mira flores, LimaMira flores, LimaMira flores, Lima

The view from Maritza's apartment.
Lima as that would be my only opportunity to see the city. Off I went and yep, you guessed it, got lost again! I hope this isn't going to be a pattern....Fortunately for me when I do get lost I do it safely, as Lima is quite a dangerous city. We were taken to a park which is made up of magnificent fountains that spurt in all different directions to music and have a light show through the water. It is quite magical at night. So, it was dark and there were several tour groups with the same little identifying flags and yours truly picked the wrong one to follow. Well, the girls all have lovely long black hair and speak Spanish...easily done. Realised the error of my ways when we were about to go out Gate 4 which I distinctly remember being told to meet at if we got lost, as that was the way out. About faced, and walked briskly (no, I didn't run in terror) and managed to locate my group. Funnily enough no-one missed me. Guess I look the same as every other tourist too.

Photos are building & I am ever hopeful that they
Travel show, LimaTravel show, LimaTravel show, Lima

I think this is a great example of how a travel show should be done!
will improve as I get more practise with my camera. Today I start my look around Cuzco having arrived yesterday Sunday 12th April round lunch time. My host is Patricia who is just lovely and has a dalmation named Chango and a kitten named Noisy. I feel right at home 😊 There are several other volunteers working here but I haven't met them as yet. Weather is the dry season so cool in the mornings and evenings, a shower during the day with sunny spots, up to 20C. Very pleasant really. Considering a couple of excursions but will let you know about these as I get more info. With Easter coming up intend to immerse myself in all the festivities and cultural activities available. Tonight there is a very big procession in the main plaza and I can't wait to see how it feels to be part of this event which began in the 1950's after a very large earthquake which I think nearly destroyed Cuzco. Bit hazy on the details though as I was trying to figure out the Spanish. Guess there could be a couple of facts that are in correct but if I keep trying I should
Fountain ParkFountain ParkFountain Park

Yes, it probably has a Spanish title but I have thrown out the piece of paper and no, I wasn't lost at this point.
get it right eventually, eh Carole?!

Stayed tuned bloggers & bloggets!

Ps. As you can see, from time to time I refer to people throughout this blog. I'm pretty sure you will know if your the target but, if it doesnt make sense assume it wasn't meant for you. Couldn't have a blog without a bit of mystery now could I?

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Dinner in LimaDinner in Lima
Dinner in Lima

My new friends Maritza, Fiorella and Alison.

14th April 2014

Can't believe you lost the hat... So determined to get it over there lol! Love the sailor pic!
15th April 2014

What a great start to your trip Kaz! Looking forward to the next installment of your blog :)

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