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September 13th 2012
Published: October 6th 2012
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This is just a short comment about taking buses

taking in City-bus in Lima and South America is something I wanted to write about. It’s no rocket science, but specially for Europeans and North Americans can be part of a new experience – and some South Americans who never took a bus, can think of some already.

Besides the driver, there are no self service machines but another person who is in charge of the customer service: charges for the ride, scream out destination and stops so people knows bus directions and takes care of general order in the bus.
As a stranger/foreigner you get in the bus and tell this second person where you are going. She (usually a woman) would tell you upon which station/stop to get off and in which direction you should walk to find your address… so imagine this and NOW it does not just happened with one, but all passengers. She would know in which station passengers are getting off.

When you get in the bus, you usually don't pay immediately because you should make space in the always crowded buses for people to get in and out. After a while, when she finds some time, she comes to you for the ticket, as she is well aware of who has paid and hasn't yet.

She is like the oracle in the Matrix – she knows everything going on in the bus.
So be glad, or be aware :p


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